Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter – Getting Over Andrea by Vince O. Teves

VinceLife The Next Chapter

“Fireworks. Magic. I was floored.”

Here is the much-awaited sequel to Vince’s Life! After Andrea leaves for the US, Vince lands his first job in an award-winning ad agency. Nursing a broken heart, Vince doesn’t think he can meet anyone who can compare to his first love. Then he meets sexy, fun and vibrant Cat and life is wonderful again. Till Andrea says she’s coming home…

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Personal Thoughts:

I thought I already felt Vince’s heartache in book one (Vince’s Life), I was wrong! Book two hit me hard! First few pages and I feel sorry for Vince already but at the same time hopeful because finally after almost a year, he took that one important first step towards moving on. And I feel proud & glad for him at that moment, just like what Connie said to him, he did it all by himself and I believe deep down that everything will really get better for him. Even I don’t understand much his obsession with his ex-girlfriend. Andrea, I still cheer for him and want him to be happy no matter where and whom he end up.

As Vince’s Life continue to turn its pages, living a new life without Andrea but with a new work, new environment and new set of friends, I know there’s still hope for Vince’s happy ending. But the guy is such as masochist. His constant communication with Andrea feels like a torture, sometimes I just want to hit him and tell him, enough with Andrea already. Live your life for your own sake please! But obviously, there’s nothing I can do for Vince, I can only read (feels like listening actually) his story. So as Vince demoted from Dearest boyfriend to Hey Buddy type of friend; from ex-boyfriend to e-boy friend (emphasis on the space); or from I love you to the super rare I miss you, I feel every inch of emotion he undergo through, that is why it is surprising how he can be contented with everything. When he said he would take whatever he could get from Andrea, I just can’t take it anymore. I can’t believe Andrea let this guy go or to be more accurate leave this guy. If I have someone like him in my life, I’m sure as hell I’ll fight for him no matter what it takes. Then there’s Vince’s unsent letter for Andrea that just really breaks my heart. It’s too long to add in here but when you read the book, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

“Technology, you just have to love it. Halfway around the world, and we could still find ways to hurt each other.”

So yeah, Vince is still in love with Andrea even most of the story Andrea is out of the picture already. Vince’s is just too attached to let her go for real, but in all fairness to him he did survived this crazy hell ride of emotions. With the help of super busy work, new surroundings and new people around him, he managed to live a life. There where Cat came in the story. Cat is his office mate, and one of the two candidates as Andrea’s replacement in Vince’s life. Cat and Vince got this certain connection which later on developed into something, but still undetermined by Vince at that time. I like how natural and realistic Vince’s found connection with Cat. Add the fact that it involves books and movies, I am really sold with their story. I know it’s just little things but I buy it as it is. No added fantasy or anything else to make it magical but just plain, simple and true circumstances. But Andrea did came back later on and Vince will finally choose between the two girls. I won’t tell you here who he chose in the end, you need to read the book for that. But I can tell you that up to the last minute, you’ll be baffled how will Vince make up his mind.

In-spite of Vince’s issues with letting go, I still find him more mature in this book. Way mature than the hopeless romantic Vince I first encounter in the previous book. He is still hopeless romantic though. I guess that’s what he really is. His bravery to strip all his raw emotions continue to amaze me though. His views on love are much realistic but still filled with magic and hope.

“It was like fireworks. You know how fireworks are always surprise? It was like that. Everything was magical and just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it always did get better until I thought I would explode from joy. And then it was over.”

Just like Vince’s love story, there will come a point in our life that we need to move on. To let things in the past stay in the past and live our life in the present. Let time do its part of the healing, especially if we already tried all the best we can. There’s should be no regret in those things and certainly no future ahead if we don’t let go. We need to move forward and live a much meaningful life, because life continue to roll even all we want is our past. No time machine can send us back there and certainly we don’t want to live the same misery again, we can’t change the past no matter what we do. The only way is to move on and move forward, who knows what store ahead of us in the future. Maybe the happiness that is really meant for us is just waiting to happen. May it be a new future or a surprising continuation of our past.

Other than the love story, Vince’s office life is also an interesting read. In fact it is much engaging than his love life. I’ve learned a lot about his nature of work and how advertising agency circulate. It is fun and informative. Add the healthy dose of humor from their elevator pranks, I really did had a great time reading. I can’t help but laugh and giggle while reading those elevator scenes. I even imagine doing one of those with friends someday. They are hilariously funny, and I like best the one they set up for Camille but unexpectedly turned around to Bamboo. So funny and smart.

“Hemming way called it the white bull, and I had never really understood what he meant until that day. The white bull: the writer stared it down and the white bull stared back. Then, you either conquered the blank piece of paper in front of you, or the writer gored himself all over the page. That was writing.”

The writing is still at its best. Vince O. Teves is really a good story-teller, whoever is the real man behind that name, I admire his writing skills. His style is both simple and beautiful but really engaging. He doesn’t need to use big words and be sappy poetic to make his story be felt. The honesty of his voice surely full me in to his story, as if I’m experiencing all the scenarios first hand and not reading it from a book. Every letter/email he sent and instant messaging conversations he had with Andrea is like a personal letter I’m reading. This whole story was told in a way like Vince is actually there in front me, having an actual conversation, telling me his story.

“…in my life there was something, something new and possibly beautiful.”

Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter is a break up story that is filled with honest and real emotions just like the previous book. Add the humorous prank scenes and interesting new environment with the authors flowing and absorbing writing style this book is surely an entertaining read. Whether you are a hopeless romantic like Vince or not, you will find bits and pieces of you in Vince’s Life.

* This review is based on a copy I received courtesy of the publisher, Summit Publishing Co., Inc. via Jieneb in exchange of honest review.

6 thoughts on “Vince’s Life: The Next Chapter – Getting Over Andrea by Vince O. Teves”

  1. I’ve never heard of this series before! I am definitely a hopeless romantic though, so I think I would connect with Vince pretty darn well:) I love finding books where they feel like they’re playing out in real time right in front of me rather than simply contained in black and white ink, so I might need to add this to my list! Awesome review:)


    1. This is a chick-lit series from Philippines, that’s why you haven’t heard of this before. I am actually surprised to see it available in amazon. Now, kindle owners can finally read the books. It’s a best seller here in our country and it’s really hard to find a copy lately. I hope you’ll be able to read the books. It would be lovely to know your opinion about our local books.


    1. hi Kaye,

      you can buy the eBooks of the whole series from If you want the printed version you can place an order from local book stores. As of I know there are still few stocks available from few local branches of NBS. Try to contact them. I’ll let you know if I saw copies.


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