Vince’s Life: The Wedding by Vince O. Teves

Vince's Life The Wedding

“It’s funny how things turn out. You think you know what’s going to happen, but you don’t. You never really do.”

Vince thinks his life is over when he loses Cat – the girl who turned his life around after Andrea broke his heart. Then his friend Connie drops a bomb on him telling him she’s pregnant and that she wants him to come to her wedding in America – where Andrea is. His first love. Does this mean Vince and Andrea finally get another chance? Or does Vince land an ending that even he never expected?

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Personal Thoughts:

The first two books of Vince’s Life series focus on Vince’s romantic relationships. In the first book, we saw him as the hopeless romantic guy who is head over hills in love with the woman of his dream. We saw fell in love and tried to fight for his love. The second book shows a post-breakup Vince who is trying to move on and run his life on his own. Now on this third and final installment, we are not only getting Vince relationships issue but also his relationship with his friends, Connie and Spider. As Vince and his gang went to a new adventure in a distance place away from their home, you’ll see a solid camaraderie between them. A friendships that helps Vince to finally fight for his happiness.

Vince is still romantic but not much the same hopeless romantic guy I’ve met from the first two book. Obviously he grows. I can’t believe that a decade has already passed since his story started from the first book. Vince’s in this final installment is more practical and realistic but still sentimental and a bit daring sometimes. You won’t believe some of the things he did while he was in Las Vegas with his friends. There are part of those adventures that feel contrive but nevertheless fun to read. Vince’s is so lucky for having a supportive friends who will do anything to see him happy and successful. I really respect the friendship they share.

“There’s only room for one in your heart for one. That’s just who you are. It’s not possible for you to love two people at the same time. You’ve got a big heart, kiddo, but there’s only on chair inside, and we both know who’s sitting there. She’s been there all along.”

One of the good things about this book is you won’t know how the story was going to turn out exactly. Even you got some vague idea and hints you can’t really sure what will happen next, who Vince will choose, how will he do it and what are his reasons. Not that those things isn’t easy to guess, but because when you put yourself in Vince’s situation, you know that it will not be easy. The fact that what you are reading a true story of the author, you can only expect a common or realistic ending for Vince but at the same you can’t help but hope for more for this guy who ultimately grow on you as you read. Personally, I want his story to have fireworks and hoping that somehow it will end with a bit of magic too. Not the fairy tale kind though.

The whole series is just a quick read. I think I finished this last installment in more than two hours, running through the end, while absorbing every words and pages of Vince’s life. His story telling skills is still absorbing even there are some changes in his writing style. I particularly like reading all his analogy and metaphors about relationships, love and life. Most of the times it makes me pause and think things or just simply want to read them again and again till I absorbed every words and form all the meanings I can in my head.

“You and I,” she said slowly, saying each word with care, “are a pair of scissors.”
“A pair of scissors…” I replied, unsure of what she meant.
“Alone, we’re knives. Sharp and nasty, made to hurt others. But together, we are scissors. Better, safer, more useful. But more than that, we are our missing halves. And whatever comes between us, we destroy.”
“I like that,” I told her.
“You don’t think it’s creepy?” she asked tentatively.
“No, it’s not creepy. Because I love you.”

If there’s anything that slightly missing is the break-up details of Vince and Cat. Not that it is actually needed because honestly even if Vince didn’t lay out in detail what really happened between him in Cat, you will still understand what really happened. My inner curiosity just want to know more to fully understand the depth of the situation. I know and understand Vince’s regrets and happiness every time he remember his past with Cat. But I think if Vince allowed the readers to peak a little bit more, we may not only just able to understand him but also feel the same intensity and feelings that he undergo. We can grieve with him even technically it all happened in the past and maybe Vince is already happy in the present.

“When it’s right, love isn’t difficult. It’s the easiest thing in the world. All the differences and the hardships doesn’t matter, and there’s only one answer to every question.”

Overall, Vince Life: The Wedding is a satisfying ending for Vince Life series and a great start to a promising happy life to the real Vince. I am really thankful to this awesome guy for sharing his life and wisdom. He not only offers entertainment or lots of “kilig” moments, but also leave examples to remind us some of life realities. Just like his life and story, everything in life consist of choices and it is really up to us to make one. Whether it is a small and simple choice like getting out of bed or not up-to choosing our dreams over the one we love and other life changing choices we need to make.

* This review is based on a copy I received courtesy of the publisher, Summit Publishing Co., Inc. via Jieneb in exchange of honest review.

2 thoughts on “Vince’s Life: The Wedding by Vince O. Teves”

  1. you done it! you finished all three books! I don’t have a copy yet of this one and the second book but after doing a reread of the first book because of your review I’m buying the other two books too. I hope I can get a copy soon!


    1. yes I did! 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to get copies of book two and three. As of I know those books are quite hard to find from local book stores. But you can place your order to them and just wait for the availability of the books instead of searching every local branches. If you have an eReader you can get copies too from amazon. That’s much faster. Don’t worry the books are worth it. My copies are still on loan. A friend of mine borrow it and there’s next in line waiting already 🙂

      Good luck on your book hunting. I’ll let you know if I saw copies at any local branch.


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