Same Page

Same Page

We started on the same page
Moving slowly on each lines
Savoring every words
Imagining vividly the new world

We strolled along with the characters
Of this beautifully constructed world
Playing the part of the perfect couple
In this plot of fairy tale dream-world

Everything seemed running smoothly
Or so I thought they did, ’til all of a sudden
You started jumping from page to page
Hurrying to hit the finish line

I wondered what happened?
What scenes triggered all these?
And why couldn’t you see
The confusion you left me?

What made you so eager
To leave the world we were in?
When we were supposed to savor
This chosen story we begin

It started like a fairy tale
Then things unraveled quickly
The happy ending I anticipated
Now seemed impossible to reach

The world became dull
After you left me behind
When we were supposed to be
Walking the same line

2 thoughts on “Same Page”

  1. hi! old visitor here though I rarely comment 😀 I just want to say I love your blog. your poetry are really good. this one is nicely weaved, but I still like best those raw & emotional words from your previous work! so powerful! keep writing for more!

    Liked by 1 person

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