Message Art from Tahereh and Ransom

Tahereh & Ransom

Just want to share these two arts made by Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs for their Filipino Fans.

Tahereh's message to Filipino Fans

Isn’t that beautiful, creative and artistic? Tahereh doodle a lot. Even the front cover of my copy of Unravel Me received her beautiful artwork during the bloggers’ forum. She is so talented. And to those who don’t understand what is written in there, “Mahal Ko Kayo” means “I Love You All”. And the photo below is made by Ransom. It’s just a quick sketch but the message just like Tahereh is simply heart-warming. These two awesome authors rocks the world of Filipino fans who attended the blogger’s forum and book signing last Saturday in Makati. We surely had a great time.

Ransom's message to Filipino Fans

All the photos above where grab from National Book Store Facebook Page. Thank so much NBS for organizing such a wonderful event last Saturday!


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