Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry

Crossing the Line

“I wanted to share the big moments with you, but more important the small.”

Katie McGarry captivated readers with her “riveting, emotional”* Young Adult debut, Pushing the Limits. In this gripping novella, she tells the story of Lila and Lincoln, who discover that sometimes it’s worth crossing the line for love…

Lila McCormick, Echo’s best friend from Pushing the Limits, first met Lincoln Turner when tragedy struck both their lives. But she never expected their surprise encounter would lead to two years of exchanging letters—or that she’d fall for the boy she’s only seen once. Their relationship is a secret, but Lila feels closer to Lincoln than anyone else. Until she finds out that he lied to her about the one thing she depended on him for the most.

Hurting Lila is the last thing Lincoln wanted. For two years, her letters have been the only thing getting him through the day. Admitting his feelings would cross a line he’s never dared breach before. But Lincoln will do whatever it takes to fix his mistakes, earn Lila’s forgiveness—and finally win a chance to be with the girl he loves.

Personal Thoughts:

When amazon delivered my copy of Crossing the Line to my Kindle, I am in the middle of reading one of my most anticipated reads of 2013, a book I need to finished and review for one of the reading challenged I joined to. But the knowledge that Katie McGarry’s novella is just few push of buttons away, I couldn’t concentrate much to what I’m reading at that time. As hard as I tried to focus, my mind can’t drive away the fact, that something less complicated read is waiting for me. In the end I give in and just hope that Katie McGarry will give me the same enjoyment I got when I read her book, Dare You To.

Crossing the Line is a novella which story is centered to Lila McCormick, Echo’s best friend in Katie McGarry’s other book, Pushing the Limits. From that book, I’ve seen Lila as the sweet, bubly and loyal friend to Echo. She’s the one who never turn her back to Echo even if it means loosing most of her other friends. I like Lila in Pushing the Limits, and it is nice to see more of Lila’s life beyond being Echo’s best friend. To summarize the plot of Crossing the Line, I’ll give you Lincoln’s words which I think perfectly sums up the novella without spoiling too much details.

“Lila and I were once strangers who met at a funeral. We became friends through letters, bonded by a shared dream of college in another state, and then I fell for her. Could she have also fallen for me?”

After reading the first chapter I’m already at awe how Katie McGarry managed to full so much emotions without giving yet any details of what is really happening. In an instant, she pull me in to the story and makes me want to discover and understand the situation between her characters. Lincoln and Lila are two different people in different situations, brought together by a saddening event, connected by their dreams to study in a different state, and by their shared interactions through letters. In two years of writing to each others their friendship developed and is doing all well until Lila find out that Lincoln lied to her. One lie that made Lila questioned him and everything he’s ever said or write.

Lila is a rich girl who never tried to live alone on her own. She is afraid of being alone but mostly because she haven’t tried it. She is a loyal friend but her best friend Echo isn’t always with her anymore. Everything around her is changing and she need to adopt to the changes.

Lincoln grew up in a family that seems in a constant chaos. Everything around him is a messed but he never lose his temper, never joined the high pitch conversation of his entire family, he just let everything be around him. What I really love about him is how he understand girls or to be more precise Lila. I enjoy reading his inner thoughts, how he thinks everything first before doing or saying something. It simply shows how careful and thoughtful he is.

“Play this right, Lincoln. She deserves a man, not a boy.”

“…going home, it would be running, but not the kind I’ve been doing for two years. it would be running forward instead of away.”

Katie McGarry’s writing is flowing and powerful. For a short space, she managed to make Lila and Lincoln story interesting enough to make me care for them. I’m so caught up with their story that I can feel every inch of emotions they are feeling, especially Lincoln whose inner thoughts shows raw and honest emotions. Katie McGarry also shows characters growth without making it feels too contrive or unrealistic. And the best part is she managed to tackle different issues in a short span of time, such as facing our fears, rediscovering one self, and how we need to cope up with the changes around us.

The use of letters in the opening of each chapter is clever. Not only it highlighted who is the chapter narrator but also layout the growing chemistry between Lincoln and Lila. Their letters exchanged were honest and full of personality.

Overall, Crossing the line is a short and sweet story that tells a journey of self-realization. A nice addition to Pushing the Limits series. I honestly want more of Lila and Lincoln but at the same time I enjoy the story so much that I fell contented and satisfied. Katie McGarry has very quickly become a must-read author for me.


7 thoughts on “Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry”

  1. nice and well thought review for such a short story like this one. even the quotes are well use. keep writing for more 🙂


  2. Ahhhh!! I can’t wait to read this! I adore Katie McGarry and will forever read anything she writes. I completely understand about not being able to concentrate on anything else knowing this book was on your Kindle, that happens to me all the time:) I need to download this immediately, I’m so glad you loved it!


    1. I know right! Katie McGarry is such a good and talented writer. Can’t wait to read more of her works too. I’m eagerly waiting for the third installment of Pushing the Limits. Hope you got the chance to read and enjoy this novella too. Happy reading Jenny 🙂


  3. Loved the review! I haven’t read any of Katie McGarry’s books yet but they look good it’s a shame I’ve been putting it off.


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