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The Last Bookshop (Short Film)

Have you ever wonder what it would like if printed books doesn’t exist anymore? Where books is like an extinct thing no one knows or care about? Where book stores died out completely? I stumble a video on YouTube that shows a future without books. It is a short film written and co-directed by Richard Dadd with Dan Fryer. It tells the story of a boy who stumbles upon the last remaining bookshop. It stars Joe Holgate as the boy and Alfred Hoffman as the shopkeeper. Watch this heartwarming video below that show a glimpse of a possible future.

What do you think of the short film? Do you think it is possible to really lost books and book stores? With the increasing market of electronic books, sales for printed books is surely affected. There are big book stores and printing companies that already shut down because of this. Somehow I feel guilty for owning a kindle, where I read some of electronic books I bought online. But I’m a kind of person who still buy printed books even I already read the story from my Kindle. I only buy electronic books of those titles I can’t get my hands because it won’t be available in my location or those books that I want to read right away but isn’t available yet from our local book stores.  Which is why I sometimes end up spending twice for the same title.

I also love seeing books consuming the space of my room, and since electronic books can’t be added in my book shelves I love buying and collecting printed books. But I also don’t want physical books to be just for collecting, that’s why when I do rereads I still choose physical books over electronic books.

Though I like the convenient of carrying a small, thin and light device for travel reading, I still prefer reading physical or printed books. There is a joy in holding physical books. The sounds of flipping the pages, the feeling of crisp paper in my hands, and the smell of dead trees with its printed words carries so much wonderful experience. Like the stories and information inside each books, the physical book offers wonders to readers.

I myself can’t imagined what it would be like to grow up never knowing what a book is. I don’t want the possibility of the future generations not experiencing the joy of reading, holding and even smelling books. I would be sad to see someone who don’t even know how to open a book, like the kid in the video.

I don’t know about you, but after this, I am definitely going to the book store across our street to buy a paperback or hardbound copy of any book from my to-buy  list. Reading won’t be the same if physical books were lost.

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