Jason Mraz = LOVE (Manila 2013 Concert)

jason-mraz manila 2013

I’m still high from last night concert of Mr. A to Z, Jason Mraz at Araneta Colliseum, and since I don’t want to forget the experience I decided to just share it here on the blog to all of you.

In-spite of heavy rains and long que lines my sister, Rica and I went to see Jason Mraz performed live at Araneta Colliseum last night, May 14, 2013. It was Jason Mraz sixth times visit in Manila to perform live, the most previous concert he did was an acoustic live performance with percussionist Noel “Toca” Rivera back in October 2011 which we also attended. Last night Jason brought along a full band consist of nine talented musicians/performers with him. There is a violinist, double bassist, drummer, pianist, and other more. Compare to the intimate and mellow performance from his jam with Toca Rivera, last night concert was more upbeat and lively. Jason even dance with his band while performing some of the upbeat songs. It was an A-W-E-S-O-M-E night!

Jason Mraz Manila Concert 2013

At exactly 8pm Jason Mraz climbed onto the stage to introduce his opening act, Zendee to the crowd. After six songs from Zendee which includes Michael Bolton’s “Go The Distance” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” there was a 30 minutes idle time as the crew set-up the stage and equipment for the main act. It is a bit of long wait but once Jason Mraz reappeared on stage, face the audience, blow a kiss and hit his guitar for his first song of the night, you know that the wait is more than worth it.

Jason is wearing a simple black shirt, jeans, sneakers, his trademark fedora hat, and a shorter hair compare from his last visit. There is also a blue and white stripe face paint on his right cheek and to his right forearm. I don’t know what the paint exactly symbolized, and I actually wait for Jason to explain the meaning of those blue and white face paint but it never mention during the show. The whole band were also wearing the same blue and white face paint.

When the second song, The Remedy were played it is more than clear how the rest of the night will go, just like Jason promised when he first walk on the stage, everyone is having fun. I am really amazed with this man’s talent, and last night is the best performance I’ve ever seen my whole life, not that I’ve seen a lot. It just that Jason on stage is more than amazing. His songs can transport me to different level of emotions. It was inspiring, emotional, heart-warming and joyful experience. Seeing him enjoying himself on stage last night is simply contagious. He is singing his heart, dancing with his band, and interacting to the audience with humility and gratitude. The way he connected with everyone is simply amazing. By his effortless singing, simple grin, little laugh, and wiggle of head the audience were totally captured.

At the third song where he played “Who I am Today” solo in his acoustic guitar, I can’t help but savor the lyrics along with his sweet divine voice. It is one of the best song of the night, it is like he is sharing his life story and all you can feel is his overflowing gratitude. And speaking of gratitude, he also performed the “Gratitude” song, I’m not sure if that is the title of the song, but that was one of the lyrics that really stuck in me last night, together with his “every little thing is gonna be alright” lyrics and of course the finale “I’m yours”. I’m in treat for last songs syndrome last night.

Almost every song he played is like a finale piece performance, they were all great. The selection of song which mostly from his albums were perfect. I can’t choose one lone favorite as every song he played were powerful. I love how he personalized the lyrics of each song for us, even saying some FIlipino words like, “Mabuhay”, and “Salamat Po”. During his performance of “93 Million Miles”, he even said something like, “Thank you for making this place feels like home”.

Even his introduction to each songs before he performed were good, some are inspiring, thoughtful, or simply fun. There is this line where he said, “Worrying helps. I need to worry a lot more because 90% of things I worry about doesn’t even happen.” And before he played one of my favorite song, “The Woman I Love”, from his latest album, LOVE is a four letter word, he said, “This next song is for all the dudes, because we all know how the ladies can go a little bit crazy sometimes. They cry and they whine and they forget how great they are.” And of course, what Jason Mraz concert without his rapid-fire and tongue-twisting songs like “You Fckn Did It”, which he performed with one of his band member, Mona Travakoli of Raining Jane. The song was introduced using a disclaimer, Jason saying that he had performed the song on a kayak for penguins and continued with, “if it was safe for penguins, it is safe for you too”. But the best part of it was Jason and Mona rocking the stage with the combination of cajon and guitar, where Mona tapping her drumsticks to Jason’s guitar while Jason is working on his cords. It was amazing and breath taking.

Jason Mraz Manila Concert

After almost two hours, none of us want the night to end. So when Jason and his band take their bow and the stage went dark, the crowds get quiet for a while, then every one is asking for more. After few minutes Jason and his band hit the stage once again, which I already expected. He played two encores, “Song For a Friend”, and “I’m Yours”. When I heard the song, “I’m Yours”, I know for sure we are near the end. As much as I want to hear that song, I almost dreaded hearing it. I just don’t want the night to end yet. But after I’m Yours, he even add his usual “repeat-after-me” where the crowd sings with him joyfully. After that one more happy song with an inspiring line of “Every little this is gonna be alright” before ending the night with the chorus of “I’m Yours”.

After he said his thanks and take the bow with his band, we went home inspired, loved, amazed and with a heart overflowing with joy. It was a night full of L-O-V-E. Thanks to Jason Mraz and his band for a wonderful, fun and memorable night.

Unlike with his performance with Toca, Jason didn’t tell if he is coming back in Manila next year, but I am sure be waiting for his next visit and concert. Because I can never get enough of Jason Mraz!


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