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Share Your Shelf – New Blog Feature

I have been thinking about my reading and my blogging a lot recently, there are so many things I’ve been contemplating on doing for the blog and one of them is adding a new blog feature or what the blogosphere called “meme”. As you all can see I don’t really post regular weekly features here on the blog. I used to join the In My Mailbox meme but decided to stop it for some reasons. As much as I want to share to everyone all my acquired books every week, I don’t feel the same enticement I have when I first tried the said meme, especially after the online drama that concerns the meme owner. Besides from regular book reviews and poetry entry, I haven’t share much here lately. My Random Post were really random, and even the events and news were so few. Though I really want to update the blog everyday, I find it impossible to post review every single day with my busy working schedule. Even if I can read new book everyday, it won’t be easy to write a review everyday. Unless I opted to do a quick review, which I tried to avoid as much as possible as I find it unfair for the book. So to make the blog a little busy without so much effort on my side, I decided to start a new feature, Share Your Shelf.

Share Your Shelf, basically will be a weekly or monthly post that will feature someone’s book shelf/shelves. I will invite my blogger/reader friends one at a time to do a guest post here on the blog every Thursday. They will answer some bookshelves related questions which I think may interest every reader of this blog. The questions may or may not change depending on how I will see it fit to specific reader or shelf owner.

If it isn’t obvious, Share Your Shelf feature is my excuse to have a peek on my friends bookshelves. I just love checking someone else bookshelves. Whenever I got the chance to visit my fellow book lover friends home, I make sure to check their books collections. But I don’t have enough time, or resources to visit everyone’s home so this feature will help me explore those treasures that every bookshelves holds. It is also a way to know more about the person behind the shelves, as I believe every bookshelves represents something about its owner. A reader’s bookshelves share a lot of things, not only information, stories and data from the books, but also something about the one who buy, organized and collect all those books.

I already sent invites to few friends I know, and they already agreed to do a guest post. I am really excited to show their bookshelves to all of you, but they have to wait till next Thursday, so watch out for the first blogger I will feature next week. Just to give a little tease, her bookshelves is one I envy so much because of its location. My place don’t have an attic like her.

P.S. : To those who want to guest post too just shoot me an email or comment here on the blog. I’d love to see your bookshelves.

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