Running Words

Running Words

I’m trying to write down all the words
That are busy running inside my mind
Words that keep bumping on each other
Trying to fight one another
They keep on pushing, keep on fighting
As if there is an escape door
Waiting at the end somewhere
Or a light shining in a dark tunnel.

And if there is really a light or hidden door.
Will there be a pot of gold waiting to be discover?
What if nothing out there but empty promises?
Are they willing to risk everything they have?
Is the unknown worth fighting for
Even if ther are no promises nor guarantees
But only what ifs and maybes
Things no one can back up or hold on

Why can’t they just fall in line and wait for their turns
Wait ’til each word find its right place
Or maybe just make themselves collide
Let things fall into place by handling it to fate
Take their steps one step at a time
No more running, no more pushing
And stop this mind blogging maze
That keep on running without end


1 thought on “Running Words”

  1. Really, really lovely! An aptitude for poetry is not something I possess, but you so clearly do and I’m in awe:) Keep on sharing your work!


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