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Share Your Shelf – Kat of SassyCat’s Books Review

Share Your Shelf

When I decided to start Share Your Shelf feature few weeks ago, I know I have to invite people/bloggers/readers to guest post and willingly share their shelves to my readers. I have to send emails to some of my friends and ask for their precious time to answer few questions related to book shelving and book buying. But during the second run of Share Your Shelf, I am surprised to get an email from another blogger who wants to guest post and share her bookshelves to every followers of this blog. Since Share Your Shelf is just new I didn’t expect that someone will actually offer to guest in my not so famous blog. So when Kat of SassyCat’s Book Review offer to be part of this weekly meme, I am grateful and stoked. I love meeting new friends online and book blogging offers surprises like this sometimes which I welcome with open arms.

Anyway, before I ramble too much I am really thankful and stoked to have Kat of SassyCat’s Books Review here today. And since Kat and I are just new friends and still barely knew each other, I will just let her introduce herself to all of you. Lets all get to know Kat as she answer all bookshelves related questions which for sure will leads us to know more about her as a reader…

Well first off my name is Kat, I’m 22 although people thinks I’m younger than that and I am the sole blogger of SassyCat’s Books Review.

My love for books didn’t start until sometimes during my senior year of high school, the first book I picked up that wasn’t school related reading material was Twilight (Cliché I know) but then I picked up other books along the way and while starting college, although it is not 100% clear why I had such trouble reading any type of book when I was younger but I’m glad I turn over into a new leaf. Books are fun and so is Blogging! When I’m not reading and reviewing or doing blogger things, I am a student at my local technical college. I just made a degree change to Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasounds/Imaging) which I just recently been accepted into the core program Whoo!.

1. How do you organized your books? Do you have a shelving obsession? Like arranging them in alphabetical order of author/titles, or by genre, height, or using a color coded system.

Right now I have what I call a messy/scattered organization, I have only one 3 shelf bookcase then I have four miniatures crates, and one large crate. Two of the mini crates are books I have already read then I believe the other two are books I haven’t read. The large crate has books that haven’t been read. I have too many to keep track of!!!!

Then I have a weird thing about keeping any Barnes and Noble shipment boxes because one my cat likes to play in the box and two, I may need it in the future. So any mass paperback books that I’ve read or unread are in one of the small Barnes and Noble box, then I have this sewing machine(which I don’t used) but it has a flat surface(it’s the fold out kind) so I have books shelved there and those are my more recent ones.

Kat's bookcase

2. If you can pick just one book from your shelves to stay with you, what book are you going to keep? why?

Rise (Nightshade Prequel #2) By Andrea Cremer, aside from it is signed by Andrea herself it is also one of my favorite nightshade books. Don’t get me wrong her other books were great but I really enjoyed how Rise was written and it explains more about the witches’ war and how werewolves were created. Rise explains a lot of those questions that many of us had when reading Nightshade (Calla’s story).

3. What was the first book you ever bought with your own money and does it reside on your shelves now?

Unfortunately I can’t think that far back but if I were to really identify what books might have been my first couple purchases. I would say My Soul to Take (Rachel Vincent), Twilight (Stephanie Meyers) and The Mortal Instruments (1-3) boxed set (Cassandra Clare). I do try to plan my purchase but I do a lot online with Barnes and Noble, when Borders closed out in my town many of us thought Barnes and Noble would swoop right in but somehow that didn’t happen. We are the only city in the state of Wisconsin that has a Books-a-Million, and all the surrounding larger cities and Minnesota has a Barnes and Noble. We got the short end of the stick. So going to BAM is not as enjoyable like it was when Borders was here and even Walden books that was in our mall. Sometimes it is frustrating because you go to look for something and they don’t have it, They are also not well stocked in my opinion, you almost had to look one by one with books when it was originally borders because they were that tightly packed on the shelf.

4. Do you have any quirks in buying, shelving or stacking your books? (I know someone who actually buy two copies of books, one for reading and one for collection purposes.)

I am one of those people that would buy two copies of books (Just not at the same time), and I actually have quite a few of them. I really like the difference between covers either from hardcover to paperback, from different country, or redesign of the covers, and with some books becoming motion film I like to get the books with the motion film photo as its cover. I also much rather have the paper form rather than ebook, but I am getting use to reading ebooks on my Ipad.
I do also want another shelf that is my collection books and signed books both if I can.

I also sometimes go on a book buying binge, but typically I buy books because I hear so much about it on twitter or from bloggers so I have to know what the buzz about the book. Then I don’t read it right away in fact I don’t quickly jump to read books I get for Christmas or my birthday! I think because there are so many books that I’ve been anxiously waiting for, I want to read those books before anything else.

5. Do you have different bookshelves for different books (for example, I have all my signed books on one shelf, my favorite titles on a different shelves, and more shelves for my TBR pile) or systems of separating them/spreading them out?

Well considering I only have one bookshelf, I don’t really have specific place for my books that are signed, my favorite titles, or TBR pile. I just kind of put them wherever I can, but most of my recent purchases of books will end up on the sew machine shelf or my printer. Yes I’m that weird and I don’t have a whole lot of space. Right now I am in the process of expanding my closet so hopefully after that is done, there will be that shelving system that I very much needed and I can go out and buy more crates.

Kat's Crates

6. Do you keep book(s) on your shelf that you don’t have plan on reading? Like maybe keeping them for the sole purpose of impressing others?

I have put books on my one shelf even though I don’t know when I’ll ever read them and one of my miniature crates has books that I purchased but I don’t think I’ll ever read them. I still need to organize my bookshelf a little bit more. I also had to rearrange books from crates to crates since I needed more room on my one spot where most books were before I got crates.

7. Are there any guilty pleasures on your bookshelves you would be embarrassed people might see, or do you have a hidden shelf for those somewhere else?

Right now some of those guilty pleasures are on my Ipad and unless that person knew which book was my guilty pleasure, they are not going to know or have any ideas. But I do have some paperbacks books but I’m not necessary hiding them, they just move from one spot in my room to another spot, a lot of my books are like that move here, move there.

8. What was the last book that you added to your bookshelves?

Well back in May I made a huge book purchase,
Sweet Evil (Sweet Evil #1)
Sweet Peril (Sweet Evil #2)
The Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test #2)
The Goddess inheritance (Goddess Test #3)
Shift (Shade #2)
Shine (Shade #3)

Then I’ve gotten a recent giveaway from Fiktshun, Black City and Unbreakable ARCs

Kat's Recent Shelved

9. Are there any books that you wish you had on your bookshelves but don’t have it now?

Heck YES!!!!
Dare You To By Katie McGarry
The Beautiful and The Cursed by Page Morgan
3:59 By Gretchen McNeil
Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting

I also want to repurchase Rachel Vincent’s Shifter set since my first copies are falling apart but the new set would be my collectors set and that goes for her Soul Screamers as well but I’m still working on getting the UK editions and that would be my foreign editions collection.

10. If someone will peruse your bookshelves, what do you think they would think of your reading taste, or what would you like them to think?

Most of my friends already know that I love Young Adult, a lot of books are typically in the genre but also those books falls under other genres such as contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and romance. Then I also have a selection of adult books such as urban fantasy as some authors would describe their book. With the new addition “New Adult” being added to the list of genres a lot of people get some adults books mixed up and authors clarify it as urban fantasy or something else but not New Adult or Erotica. I’ve read some science-fiction, while that genre sounds awesome in its own way but some books were confusing to me so I try to stay away from science-fiction but I like Young Adult Science-fiction.

People would also see that I have numerous books by the same authors, that means they are pretty good writers and I love their books so much that I continue with the series. I think author can have unlimited potential but some choose to end a series on their own time for the characters and may bring in a new group of characters for another related series.

So the big question people would probably ask is who’s your favorite? I’m torn between Andrea Cremer, Rachel Vincent and Cassandra Clare because they have the longest series.

I’m sure whenever I decide to (in the right time) move out of my parents’ house, I have to take all my books with me. Hopefully I’ll find a place that has a big enough office space where I can have two – four bookshelves. My own personal Library 😉 Then I’ll probably have people say how can you have this many books? Did you really read all of them? Or that boyfriend I might have might suffer my book boyfriends drool fest or more book purchasing.

Books are my escape from reality; I like how many are each unique and the book guys that I wish were real have a heart of gold or drool worthy. I like the ups and downs, sometimes even the cliffhangers or that ending where I wished that the next book was out. I also keep in touch with a lot of author on twitter so people end up hearing me talk about someone whom they never heard of before and I have to say I’m talking about one of the authors duh!

Find Kat

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Thanks so much Kat for willingly sharing to all of us your bookshelves. I hope you get a copy of those books you want to add on your shelf, especially Dare You To by Katie McGarry. I love that book and definitely a must own and read for contemporary readers. You are the third person I know who actually buy two copies of books, I used to have multiple copies of some books but that only happen when someone gifted me titles I already own. I usually end up giving away my own copy to friends or via giveaway. Sometimes I feel guilty owning multiple copies that’s why I have to share them to others. I’ll be pushing Nightshade series to top of my TBR since you consider it as your most precious read.

Thanks again for answering all the questions above and for sharing your bookshelves to all of us.

2 thoughts on “Share Your Shelf – Kat of SassyCat’s Books Review”

  1. I know I said Thanks probably a hundrend times but here’s a hundren and one thanks. I’m hoping to do a lot more with my blog as far interviews, guest posts, giveaways but I’m still a little shy for the most part but I also need to time to form SassyCat’s Books Review. I’ve gotten Author Requests so that one step as a blogger reviewing a book request.
    My TBR pile keeps on growing! And I should back off on netgallery requests and buying books, but I just can’t help it. Books are what I love beside other things I do outside of book reading/blogging/reviewing.


    1. I am more than Thankful to you Kat for sharing a little of yourself here. I hope you’re blog continue to grow. Just enjoy reading and blogging always! Thanks again.


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