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Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Keira Cass

Kiera Cass in PH

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kiera Cass grace Manila with her presence last Saturday for a book signing activity organized by one of the biggest book store here in the Philippines, National Book Store. But before her book signing event at Glorietta, I and other bloggers friends got the chance to have a private Question and Answer with Kiera during the bloggers’ forum organized by National Book Store and Power Books.

The moment I step to the second floor of Powerbooks and headed to the registration table, I was welcomed by friendly organizers of the NBS. My book bloggers friends were all there waiting for the event to start, and since most of the attendees were familiar faces, the event is light and fun as expected.

At the forum, Kiera Cass answers all our questions enthusiastically. Most of the questions were about her series, The Selection. Kiera also discuss her writing process and give some writing advice. After The Elite, there will be another novella and one more full length novel coming out as part of The Selection series. The novella will be out first which will be from Aspen’s perspective, and then the final installment, The One. According to Kiera those two books will complete the The Selection series as planned, but if her publisher ask her to write more for the series, she’ll definitely do it for her fans. Kiera also give few hints about what will happen to her characters, though she didn’t give much spoilers. She is actually good avoiding spoilers. She said about everyone of her characters making decisions at the end of the series, like choosing something or someone.

Bloggers Forum with Kierra Cass

Kiera’s husband, Callaway Cass was also there at the event. He is supportive to Kiera, taking pictures, and even chatting to some of us. Together they were just lovely couple to see in front.

Kierra  Cass and Callaway Cass

After the forum we went directly to National Book Store, Glorietta 1 where more than six hundreds of people were patiently waiting for Kiera. The venue was full of enthusiastic and eager fans who wants to meet Kiera in person, get their books signed, and take photos with her. Most of the attendees consist of children and young adults as expected. But there were also those supportive parents and adults fans in the crowd.

They were the most enthusiastic and loud crowd I’ve seen during a book signing event. Everyone is screaming and cheering for Kiera. The moment Kiera steps on stage, the crowd go gaga and screams with all their voices. It was like crazy in there! It took a while before that moment went off. Kiera get emotional seeing the fans with their energetic welcome, she got overwhelmed and cried. After a while she went back on stage again and asked the crowd to calmed down so the program can finally start.

The program basically consist of another Q&A. National Book Store purchasing director, Xandra Padilla-Ramos hosted the event. She asked Kiera some questions, mostly about Kiera’s books, her writing, and few details about her life. The fans were eagerly listening and responding, while obviously waiting for some surprises and revelations about The Selection series. But Kiera is good in avoiding questions with spoilers. She mentioned about another book she planned to write, though didn’t give anymore details other than the name of her character which consist of a lot of numbers.

After the Q&A, there were also press people who got their chance to do a quick interview with Kiera and then the book signing finally start. More than six hundred people fell in line to get their books signed and take photos with Kiera. I’m not sure upto what time Kiera finished signing all those books and posing with her fans, but at 8:30pm before I went home, the line is just starting to reached to four hundred. I actually don’t need to stay there since I got my book signed at the bloggers’ forum and another book during the first batch of the actual book signing. But when I found out that Kristine was still there and waiting for her turn to get her books signed, I decided to just stay with her. Kristine is a friend I’ve met during one of the book signing event I attended in the past. Bookish events like this one is our only chance to catch-up with each other in person, so it is nice to see her again.

Staying in the event is a right decision not only because I got the chance to catch up with my friend but also I get to see Kiera dancing. I don’t know what trigger the dancing but I was on the second floor of National Book Store when I heard the fans screaming, so I rushed downstairs, and there I saw Kiera doing some dance moves in front of her fans (check the middle photo below).

Kierra Cass Book Signing in Manila

Kiera seems got a full and hectic schedule while she’s here in the Philippines. Before her book signing in Manila last Saturday, she also got interviews for some of the known newspapers and magazines in the country. And last Sunday she also have another book signing in Cebu City which is also a huge success. I won’t be surprised at all if Kiera will soon come back here in the Philippines to do another book signing after the release of her next full length book, The One.

I want to thank Kiera’s publisher, Harper Teens, and Harper Collins for allowing Kiera Cass to visit us here in Manila, and thank you too to National Book Store and Powerbooks for making all these events possible.

For more information about Kiera and her books, visit her website here.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Keira Cass”

  1. Wow, what a fun event! Kiera is absolutely adorable and looks like she has so much personality that she shares with the fans. And her husband’s name is Calloway? Such a cool name. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and pictures, I love living vicariously through people who have attended awesome author events!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I followed the event on Twitter and I was already excited by all the updates. I bet even NBS didn’t expect that kind of crowd! You have awesome photos of the event, especially the one of Kiera looking like she’s about to cry. Really wish I could have been there.


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