My MIBF Experience


Early this month, I posted about the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), which is a five days event of the biggest book fair of the Philippines happening every month September.  For the past four years since I become aware of this event, I never get the chance to see it myself since it always fell the same week of another annual event I advocate.  But this year I’m lucky enough to be able to squeezed MIBF in my schedule. I even went there twice, Wednesday and Sunday which is the opening day and last day of the book fair.

On Wednesday, I went there alone and after awhile I realized I need someone to accompany me since I got lots of books to carry while roaming the area, so I decided to use my helpline and call a friend. I’m lucky that one of my friend’s office is just nearby Mall of Asia. She works at Two E-com Center in Pasay which is just walking distance to SMX. So right after her office hours she meet me at MIBF and help me with my book shopping. While we were there she keeps on asking me if I am sure I can carry home all the books I got, and I say to her smiling “that’s why you are here”. And there’s always a cab going home.

My next visit, I went with my sister who I instructed to bring a backpack with her just in case I end up hauling enormous books again which is what exactly what happened.  Thank God, I got a sister who is willing to be my slave that day. haha! Peace! x^__^x There’actually three events that is happening that day at Mall of Asia, beside with the book fair, there’s also the Cosplay, and the UAAP cheering competition at MOA Arena, so the area is super crowded even with the heavy rain.  We decided to take an early dinner first at Aristocrat before we headed to the MIBF. There were still lots of people at MIBF even with the heavy rain and just few hours before the closing. It looks like people are having a panic buying for books.  Most booths cashier’s lines are too long. Glad I got someone who can line up while I’m still getting some of the books I want to buy.

Besides with all the books I bought, I also got freebies from most of the booths I visited, mostly reading materials for kids which I gave to my friend for her charity project. Other than books I also bought a necklace from St. Paul booth and of course some bookmarks around the area. There’s just one thing I wasn’t able to buy which is the big telescope I saw in a booth that sells smart toys. I want to buy it but I just can justify to my sister where will I use it since my place isn’t really for star gazing. I never see stars from my unit. Anyway, someday I’ll buy one.

MIBF 2013

MIBF 2013 Booths
MIBF 2013 Booths 1


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