Book to Movie: The Fault In Our Stars (Movie Trailer)

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Poster

Here it is, the official movie trailer of The Fault In Our Stars, starring Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Ansel Elgor as Augustus “Gus” Waters. Directed by Josh Boone.

What do you think of the trailer? Me, honestly I get teary watching the trailer above. I love John Green‘s novel where this movie is based and seeing the characters, Hazel and Augustus on screen just makes me relieve the emotional roller coaster ride I experienced while reading the book. I can’t wait to watch the whole film on its released date.

4 thoughts on “Book to Movie: The Fault In Our Stars (Movie Trailer)

  1. I’m hoping I can go to watch the film as a treat after my exams are over. I hope it is as close to justice as a film can do to a great book although, I’m not too pleased with the actor they picked to play Gus’ part because he isn’t anything like I pictured the character to be. Nevertheless, I won’t put the film down before I watch it


    • I hope you’ll be able to see the film too once it was released! I will definitely watch this one on cinema. I’m not sure about the actors but since I love the book so much and it’s John Green’s novel I’m still excited to see the film on big screen.


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