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Share Your Shelf – Chyna of Lite-Rate-Ture

Share Your Shelf

Welcome to the latest showcase of Share Your Shelf. Today we have Chyna to share her bookshelves, collections of books and answers some bookshelves related question for all of us.

But before that let me introduced Chyna first to all of you.

Chyna is the the lovely and beautiful owner of Lite-Rate-Ture blog, which I recommend to all of you to visit and follow. Her blog got this fab and chic design that I just love (if only I got talent in web design). And her reviews got a personality of their own, so better check them out too. If my memory serves me right, I first met Chyna during the private lunch party with Lauren Oliver in Greenbelt, Makati, which I wouldn’t be part of if not for Louisse, our common book lover/blogger friend. I didn’t got the chance to talk to Chyna that day because I’m too busy admiring Lauren Oliver.  One of the few things I admire/envy about Chyna is her talent in sketching/drawing. You can check two of her sketches from her review post for Crown of Midnight. She’s is really good and at such young age for sure she’ll create more beautiful sketches.

Let’s all find out more about Chyna by taking a peek to her shelves and reading her answers to some bookshelves related questions below.

Lite Rate Ture

1. How do you organized your books? Do you have a shelving obsession? Like arranging them in alphabetical order of author/titles, or by genre, height, or using a color coded system.
I try to arrange my books by series and have them all together, but I never put my advance copies separated and also my signed copies. My ARCs and signed copies are always placed on a separate shelf away from my other books. Arranging them by height might be too difficult and considering the thickness of the books, I don’t find it welcoming to see my shelf with empty spaces because the other books don’t fit. I also consider their sizes. Alphabetizing will never be my way of arranging, I would rather have them by color. It looks more adorable that way.

Chyna's BookShelves

2. If you can pick just one book from your shelves to stay with you, what book are you going to keep? why?
That would be my ARC copy of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass, she is my absolute favorite author and the sequel of Throne of Glass just blasted me away with that hateful cliffhanger. I loved the first book, but I would never let go of the sequel. If you stop by my blog, you can obviously see that I rarely give 5 stars, but Crown of Midnight was rated even more. Sometimes a book deserves more than 5 stars.

3. What was the first book you ever bought with your own money and does it reside on your shelves now?
Sorry, I don’t remember. I always use my parents’ money when I buy books or their credit cards. I hate opening my wallet to pay for a few books. My money is my own and it is my mother’s job to keep me satisfied. LOL XD

4. Do you have any quirks in buying, shelving or stacking your books? (I know someone who actually buy two copies of books, one for reading and one for collection purposes.)

If there are other book designs for this certain title and considering how much love I poured onto that book I will of course buy the new cover to add to my collection. For Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass, I have both hardcover and paperback while for Crown of Midnight, I have yet to buy the paperback and hardcover. I usually buy both copies if I love the book a hell lot.
Colleen Hoover’s slammed series has a new cover so I will be buying those new designs. Say bye bye to my money. I always buy books with the beautiful covers.
The sad thing about me arranging my shelf is that some of them aren’t by series so it’s quite difficult for my guests to check which books they want to borrow because somehow I can’t seem to find the first book. It’s buried somewhere inside my shelf…probably.

5. Do you have different bookshelves for different books (for example, I have all my signed books on one shelf, my favorite titles on a different shelves, and more shelves for my TBR pile) or systems of separating them/spreading them out?
Yes. When my family was recently moved to a new house, I, of course got a room for myself, but I haven’t began my reading obsession yet. But my room was already designed with tiny shelves, it was basically fate telling me to read. I hate my shelves, though…there aren’t enough spaces for my other books.

Chyna Book Shelves 3

6. Do you keep book(s) on your shelf that you don’t have plan on reading? Like maybe keeping them for the sole purpose of impressing others?
Absolutely not. I would never waste money on decorative books. I do have a few books which remain unread because of my awful memory and the time I have is hardly enough to finish one series.

7. Are there any guilty pleasures on your bookshelves you would be embarrassed people might see, or do you have a hidden shelf for those somewhere else?
I still live with my parents so I try to hide those books that could relate to Fifty Shades of Grey, but whenever my friends come over I have them plastered in front of my shelves telling them to try reading new adult titles.
My parents are aware I read romance, but not erotica. I wouldn’t call them erotica more of New Adult. Erotica mostly talks about sex this and that. New Adult has essence and passion.

8. What was the last book that you added to your bookshelves?
That would be The Assasin’s Blade by Sarah J. Mass and The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. I noticed that I mention Sarah J. Mass a lot.

9. Are there any books that you wish you had on your bookshelves but don’t have it now?
There’s a lot to mention, but one came into my mind. That would be Cress by Marissa Meyer, I don’t know why I still don’t have that on my shelf and can I also add To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jen Han, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige-there’s a lot, but I’d rather not discuss my obsession…it is shameful.

10. If someone will peruse your bookshelves, what do you think they would think of your reading taste, or what would you like them to think?
Whenever my relatives come by they say “kana di ye zha bowa le tak eh ya zue vampire books” that means “Why does your daughter only read vampire books?” The first think they always see are my black books because they always look up. But to those people who know me well, they would say I’m a fantasy fanatic. I love dark/high/epic fantasy with romance. I never get enough of that genre. LOL

Chyna Book Shelves 2

Thank you for having me Maricar. I hope we’ll see each other again soon. It was fun answering these questions and a great idea to feature book shelves.

Find chyna

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A million thanks to Chyna for taking part in Share Your Shelf. Thanks so much for taking time answering all the questions above and for letting us see your bookshelves and collections of books. I envy you for having an ARC of Crown of Midnight. I adore that book so much! Love Sarah J. Mass and her Throne of Glass series. And I agree, Crown of Midnight deserves more than a five star rating. One of the best YA fantasy books I have ever read. Glad that you like Mass books too. Send me some recommendations for dark/high/epic fantasy reads if you can. I need some good fantasy in my system! Thanks again Chyna.

What do you think of Chyna’s answers or her bookshelves? What about the authors and books she mentioned, are you familiar with all of them?

3 thoughts on “Share Your Shelf – Chyna of Lite-Rate-Ture”

  1. did I see Black Ice in there? Thanks for the chance to see your shelves Chyna. Can’t relate about Crown of Midnight. I have not read the book yet or any book from that series. I want to read it but the book cost too much here! anyway, thanks again for sharing. You got a pretty good collections!


  2. so black books = vampire books!! 😀 pretty shelves and books!!! They are more organized than mine 😛 hehe Love the photos!!! Cress by Marissa Meyeris definitely a must own! Love that one and Crown of Midnight too. Fantasy books rocks!!! Thanks for sharing Chyna and great questions Maricar.


  3. Love this feature! And yes, like Chyna I have a section for ARCs and bound manuscripts, too. :3 The vampire books are just in an easily seen section. *pats Chyna* Thanks for sharing and posting!


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