Quotes: Just One Day by Gayle Forman

Just One Day

Just sharing some of lovely quotes from Gayle Forman’s book, Just One Day. I love every bit of this book just like Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and Where She Went. In this one I adore the travel part of the novel. Paris is just one of my dream place to explore, and reading this is just like visiting every corner of Paris with wonderful companions with me. Love all the travel insights/quotes from this book so I’m sharing them and more to all of you. Enjoy reading!


“Travelling is like a talent, like whistling or dancing. And some people have it.”

“Travelling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like breathing. You can’t work too much at it, or it feels like work. You have to surrender yourself to the chaos. To the accidents.”

“…everything is happening all the time, but if you don’t put yourself in the path of it, you miss it. When you travel, you put yourself out there. It’s not always great. Sometimes it’s terrible. But other times it’s not so bad.”

“He’s a traveler. A drifter, really. Accidents are the defining force in his life.”

“You thought too hard. Same with travel. You can’t work too much at it, or it feels like work. You have to surrender yourself to the chaos. To the accidents.”

“At the start of the trip, I took shots of the sights. The Colosseum. Belvedere Palace. Mozart Square. But I stopped. They never came out very well, and you could get postcards of these things. But there are no postcards of this. Of life.”

“… preferred to experience something rather than obsessively record it.”

“It feels like the city is telling secrets down here, privy only to those who think to listen.”


“Sometimes the best way to find out what you’re supposed to do is by doing the thing you’re not supposed to do.”

“. . . it already seems pretty obvious that the world is divided into two groups: the doers and the watchers. The people things happen to and the rest of us, who just sort of plod on with things.”

“Sometimes you can’t know until you know.”

“You never know what will last.”

“I think everything is happening all the time, but if you don’t put yourself in the path of it, you miss it.”

“It’s funny the things you think you’re scared of until they’re upon you, and then you’re not.”

“When the sun shines, you let it shine on you.”

“Forward momentum. That’s my new motto. No regrets. And no going back.”

“The little things that happen. Sometimes they’re insignificant; other times, they change everything.”

“The sound is clear and strong as a bell, and it fills me with joy, and it’s like, for the first time in my life, I understand that this is the point of laughter, to spread happiness.”


“Part of me knows one more day won’t do anything except postpone the heartbreak. But another part of me believes differently. We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”

“You have to fall in love to be in love, but falling in love isn’t the same as being in love.”

“And that’s when I understand that I have been stained. Whether I’m still in love with him, whether he was ever in love with me, and no matter who he’s in love with now, Willem changed my life. He showed me how to get lost, and then I showed myself how to get found.”

“Stains are even worse when you’re the only one who can see them.”

“Sometimes you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty spaces it leaves behind.”

“I realize then that it’s not enough to know what someone is called. You have to know who they are.”

“Even if you find him. Even if he didn’t leave you on purpose, he can’t possibly live up to the person you’ve built him into.”

“The line between true self and feigned self is blurred on all sides. Which I think is a rather handy metaphor for falling in love.”


“No one is who they pretend to be.”

“I don’t know who I am. Or maybe I do know who I am and I just don’t want to be her anymore.”

“…I’m an expert faker. I’m so good at faking I don’t even know when I’m doing it.”

“The people we pretend at, they’re already in us. That’s why we pretend them in the first place.”

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