Share Your Shelf – Kazhy of My Library in the Making

Share Your ShelfIt’s first Thursday of the month, which simply means we have a chance to see another bookshelf today! The latest showcase of Share Your Shelf feature Kazhy of My Library in the Making. She is here to share her bookshelves, collections of books and answers some bookshelves related question for all of us. But before we get nosy for Kazhy’s books let me introduced her first to all of you.

I can’t remember exactly where I first met Kazhy, I know I’ve saw her back in 2012 during Lauren Oliver’s book signing in Power Books, Greenbelt 4 at Makati, but we barely know each other that time. The close encounter I guess was during the first bloggers’ forum of NBS with international bestselling author, Tahereh Mafi. It as a private gathering which makes every participants easily bond together. After that day Kazhy and I with other bloggers’ friends attend Ransom Riggs‘ book signing at The Fort. It was a fun and memorable experience.

Kazhy is also talented when it comes to art. Her blog design change once in a while, she’s artsy like that. Currently, her blog is dress in a simple and clean layout which is easy to navigate. One of the feature the runs on her blog showcase her talent in designing bookmarks — Mark That Book is where she post her personalized design for bookmarks inspired by books she read. One of Kazhy’s designed bookmark for Of Triton  won a contest from Anna Bank’s website. It’s really pretty design, check it from this link.

Now lets all get to know Kazhy as she answer all bookshelves related questions which for sure will leads us to know more about her as a reader…

1. How do you organized your books? Do you have a shelving obsession? Like arranging them in alphabetical order of author/titles, or by genre, height, or using a color coded system.
I try to organize them by genre but because I currently only have one shelf, it’s not possible to do that without wasting some space so right now I just arrange them in such a way as to use as little space as I can – especially because I recently had to move in to an apartment with my sisters while our house is getting renovated, and they somehow got the idea that my shelf = their bedside table. -_-

Kazhy's Bookshelf

2. If you can pick just one book from your shelves to stay with you, what book are you going to keep and why?
Oh, no, you didn’t just ask that question! :)) I seriously have no idea. But if you mean stay with me for just a day (not forever), then I’ll go with whichever book I’m currently reading! 😉

3. What was the first book you ever bought with your own money and does it reside on your shelves now?
I’m not very sure as it’s been years since I became an avid reader, but I think it’s The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith, and yes, I still have it! I love it to bits and now I really want to re-read it ❤

4. Do you have any quirks in buying, shelving or stacking your books? (I know someone who actually buy two copies of books, one for reading and one for collection purposes.)
Shelving and stacking, not really, but when it comes to buying… well. I’m very choosy with editions: books in a series have to have the exact same editions (paperback/hardcover) and sizes. I’ve also recently become choosy with covers; even if it’s from another country, if it’s the cover I like best, I’ll get that edition over the local one.

5. Do you have different bookshelves for different books (for example, I have all my signed books on one shelf, my favourite titles on a different shelves, and more shelves for my TBR pile) or systems of separating them/spreading them out?
Not really, no. My main rule is that books in the same series have to go together – although I just realized I’ve broken that rule with the way my books are arranged right now, but I’m giving myself a reprieve because it will only be that way for a few months!

Kazhy's Bookshelf1

6. Do you keep book(s) on your shelf that you don’t have plan on reading? Like maybe keeping them for the sole purpose of impressing others?
Nope. I buy books with my own money so I only get those that I plan on reading. Besides, I think the fact that people read is impressive enough.

7. Are there any guilty pleasures on your bookshelves you would be embarrassed people might see, or do you have a hidden shelf for those somewhere else?
Nope. There shouldn’t be guilt in reading any kind of book! Be it Fifty Shades or Twilight or whatever.

8. What was the last book that you added to your bookshelves?
Royally Lost by Angie Stanton! I just got it last Monday. I haven’t read it, dunno when I will, but I have it! ❤

9. Are there any books that you wish you had on your bookshelves but don’t have it now?
Seriously? That’s what my Goodreads account is for. :)) And based on my to-read shelf over there, I have more than a thousand books that I wish I had but don’t.

10. If someone will peruse your bookshelves, what do you think they would think of your reading taste, or what would you like them to think?
Non-readers (I know this because my family’s several of them) think I read a lot – more than I should, actually, to which I say “Screw. You.” – but I think readers would say I don’t care much about genres, which is true because I really don’t. I just read everything that sounds good ❤

Kazhy's Bookshelf2

Thanks for having me here, Maricar! *huggles* See you in a few weeks! ❤

P.S. The shelf photo’s outdated but I thought I’d show how it looked/would look like 😀

Find Kazhy

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Thank you so much Kazhy for taking part in Share Your Shelf. Thank you for taking time answering all the questions above and for letting us see your bookshelves and collections of books. I can’t believe you didn’t give us one direct answer for question number two. That’s my favourite question to ask, not only I got book recommendation from that, but also it tells so much about the reader. Next time we meet, you have to tell me what book you really can’t let go. And yeah, I remember your editions quirks, remember when we were in Megamall doing a little book shopping at NBS there? You were telling me about books editions and how you preferred buying books of the same series in the same edition. I don’t really buy my books that way, I mean, I prefer the same book format for series, but not really the publisher and other small details.

What do you think of Kazhy’s answers? Do you fancy her books and bookshelf?

P.S. : To those who want to guest post too just shoot me an email or comment here on the blog. I’d love to see your bookshelves.

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