Vendetta Art

Today is the official released day of Vendetta by Catherine Doyle, the first book of Blood for Blood series published by Chicken House Ltd.. So Happy Book Birthday to Vendetta!!!

I have read the book few weeks ago and we are organizing a five days blog tour via PBT in partnership with Scholastic Philippines which will run from March 02-06, 2015. Aside from reviews and interviews there will be exciting trivias and interesting guest post that I’m sure you will all enjoy. I myself is excited to share them to all of you. We might also do a give away, you just have to convinced me first to let go of my own advance copy. 😀

Before the blog tour, let me share first this cool Vendatta Art made by author Alice Oseman as a sneak peak. This art perfectly represents the three main characters of this new contemporary YA series, Blood for Blood by Catherine Doyle. Trust me, you need to meet these three characters as well as the other characters of this beautiful series.  There are five brooding hot guys in this novel! I won’t give more details, just go and read the book.



Check these links for more information about the book, Vendetta: Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads | Publisher | Author

1 thought on “Vendetta Art

  1. like the book art or whatever you call it. It’s pretty intriguing. I haven’t read the book yet but with the art above seems dark for a contemporary novel. Will check this one for sure. Thanks for sharing!


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