Endure (Defy #3) by Sara B. Larson


“The night came every day, stealing the sun’s power and turning the world to black. But every morning, the sun rose again, bringing light once more, no matter how dark the night has seemed. “

At last, Alexa and King Damian are engaged to be married. But their lives are far from safe. The kingdom of Antion is under siege, and Rylan is a prisoner of the enemy. Even worse, Alexa remains at the mercy of the evil Dansiian Rafe, who controls her mind and can force Alexa to kill or harm Damian at any moment. Despite this, Alexa is determined to rescue Rylan, which soon leads her far from Damian and deep into enemy territory.

When she arrives, what awaits her is deadlier than anything she could have ever imagined: an army of black sorcerers and a horrifying plot to destroy the world as Alexa knows it. Will she be able to gather the strength to free herself, protect the love of her life, and save the land? Will there ever be true peace?

Acclaimed author Sara B. Larson has woven a stunning, romantic, and evocative finale to the Defy trilogy that is sure to leave readers breathless until the very last page.

Personal Thoughts:

Endure is the third and final installment to Defy series by Sara B. Larson. I won’t go explaining the plot anymore for this one. I’m pretty sure readers of this series already anticipated what is coming and for new comers, well you can always check my review for Defy and Ignite or better yet just pick up the first installment of this thrilling fantasy series. You won’t regret it, trust me.

The prologue is told from Damian’s perspective which I’m sure followers of this series will surely enjoy. I’ve been asking for his point of view since book one and finally we all have it. Though it is shorter than what I want, it’s still a huge treat for me. I keep on smiling while reading that part, even feeling giddy from excitement. It’s just like how I imagine Damian’s voice and thoughts will be. Thank you so much Sara for adding Damian’s perspective in this final installment.

As for Alexa, she is still the strong heroine just like the girl we met from Defy and Ignite. She continue to proved her strength not just in combat but also in terms of battling emotions, but not so much in decision making. Love by Damian and soon to be Queen, she become more confident. Her battle scars become her source of strength instead of insecurities.

But another love make her susceptible and vulnerable. Ever since Rylan was taken by sorcerers we all know that it will only take time before Alexa will go and try to save Rylan. But saving Rylan means leaving Damian, making Damian and the Kingdom of Antion unprotected and defenseless. I understand why it has to be Alexa, why she needs to go and save Rylan even if it means losing her own life. I love Rylan, I really do, but between him and Damian I will always choose Damian, and not because Damian is a King or what Damian can offer but because I know he is the right choice for Alexa and together they can do a lot better. Also, between the two gentlemen, there’s more at stake for Damian. What’s one life and possibly some regrets against one Kingdom? Sometimes people need to make sacrifices.

When Alexa reveal that she also love Rylan, I waited for her to clarify her love, to explain it better. Though I know that it is possible to be very much in love with someone and have feelings for someone else, I also know that those love cannot be on the same level. There’s always one person you love the most. There’s always one person you are the best version of yourself with. There are infinite kinds of love and I want Alexa to pointed that out because I’m afraid that some readers might not understand her.

It seems that I keep on asking for more of Damian in this series. I always believe that he is the most interesting character that Sara created so far, and if given the chance to reveal Damian’s thoughts, I’m sure he will put more thrill and emotions in the story. The prologue and epilogue are not enough, if only Sara added more of Damian’s perspective maybe I won’t mind too much that Alexa and Damian are separated again.

So yeah, Damian and Alexa are separated in the huge part of the story. Alexa is busy saving her best-friend Rylan while Damian is either preparing for a war or worrying about Alexa. If only we saw those parts about Damian, I can only imagine how stressed Damian is. Which will surely reveal more sides of him and will add more thrill and depth to the story.

Anyway, even with not so much Damian in the story, I still think that Endure is a triumph and satisfying conclusion to a great fantasy trilogy. With non-stop dangers and actions, determined characters, Sara B. Larson crafted a thrilling ending to this wonderful series. Will definitely check what’s next from Sara B. Larson.

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