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Celebrating Debutantes 2016: The Fray Theory: Resonance by Nelou Keramati (Author Interview + Giveaway)

Celebrating Debutantes 2016 Second Wave

The wait is almost over – The Fray Theory: Resonance releases tomorrow and I’m so excited to have the talented author of the book, Nelou Keramati here on the blog today for Celebrating Debutantes 2016 event before the release. Nelou is nice enough to answers few questions about her debut novel. Let’s all check what Nelou shares so we all have a little more info before digging in to this intriguing young adult debut novel.

To know more about Nelou Keramati and The Fray Theory: Resonance, check the author’s bio and book’s description that follows after the interview, as well as links where to find Nelou and where to buy copies of the book.

Also, don’t forget to check the fabulous giveaway at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a signed copy of the book plus swags.

Interview with Nelou Keramati

What led you into writing? Was it a lifelong ambition, or the result of some type of turning point in your life? How did the inspiration for The Fray Theory: Resonance come?

For me, it was very much as a result of a turning point. I never aspired to be a writer, and never thought a day would come for me to share the characters and stories in my head with the world. But when I was struck by the idea of the Fray Theory, I knew I had to do something with it.

The inspiration for The Fray Theory – Resonance came to me on a late summer night while I was having a conversation with my lovely friend, Penelope. We were marveling at the numerous coincidences we’d both been experiencing, and when I attempted to answer how it’s possible to think of something before it happens, the idea for the Fray Theory was sparked in me.

I spent the next year and a half working to flesh it out.

The Fray Theory: Resonance is under an indie publishing company, Finch Hill. How did you choose your publisher? Did you ever consider the other big publishers?

When I began this journey I hadn’t anticipated the story to become as extensive (now spanning over multiple books), and thought writing was going to be a very short-lived indulgence. As such, I didn’t want to spend months, even years querying traditional publishers when my end-goal was pursuing a career in acting.

An indie publisher seemed like the best way to maintain maximum creative control over my work, and I’m very happy that The Fray Theory is to be published by Finch Hill.

So far, what has been the best part of self-publishing? What has been the hardest?

I think indie publishing is great for those who crave total creative control, and as an artist who wished to create the cover art herself, that was huge for me. But virtually everything else could be categorized as a challenge. There is so much to know about the process of writing itself: characterizations, story arcs, narrative style, etc. And then comes editing and formatting, which are very extensive on their own.

The indie published author needs to know absolutely everything there is about publishing a book. From the moment the idea of a novel is conceived, all the way to long after it’s been published. They need to know everything about: genres, their target audience, story structuring, writing style, character arcs, editing, formatting, copyright, cover art/photo, indie vs. traditional publishing, royalties, ebooks and their various formats, ISBNs, barcodes, printers and their paperback/hardcover provisions, pricing, distribution, advertising, social media promotions, personal website, email lists, etc…

It is a lot of work, and preparation is key. But it’s also incredibly rewarding because you get to bring to life something substantial from little more than an idea.

Which character speaks the loudest, to you? Do any of them clamor to be heard over the others?

I especially enjoy writing scenes with Romer and Marcus Holt. Characters who are blunt and unapologetic require little inhibition when writing, and they often wind up having a great sense of humor! But I believe if all characters are crafted well and have a real purpose in the story, they will all speak deeply to the author because they are in truth, simply fragments of the author’s subconscious.

If one of your characters could turn the tables on you and write a story based on your teenage years, what would the title of that book be? What would be the first line?

I love this question!
Title: It’s All Relative
First line: “So, there’s this nerdy girl in my high-school who for some reason thinks she’s cool…”

If you could choose to have one strength of another writer, what would it be and from whom?

I would love to have J.K. Rowling’s patience!

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you! Readers are the reason I’ve poured my heart and soul into this novel. So truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Author Nelou KeramatiNelou Keramati was born in Shiraz, the city of poets, scholars, wine, and literature. At the age of twelve her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, which she has since proudly called her home.

Following six years of studies in Cognitive Neuroscience, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Four years later, upon obtaining her Masters of Architecture, she switched gears once more to pursue acting, art, and writing.

Find Nelou

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads


Book Details:

TheFrayTheory-ResonanceTitle: The Fray Theory: Resonance
Author: Nelou Keramati
Publisher: Finch Hill
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Pages: 350
Format: Paperback, eBook

Neve Knightly lives in an ordinary world. Where déjà vu is nothing more than a mind-trick. Where premonitions are dismissed as mere coincidence. Where no one thinks twice about the glitches in their reality.

Neve Knightly is living a lie.

But when her nightmare of a tragedy comes true the very next day, she can no longer seek solace in self-deception. The glossy enamel has been shattered, and she has caught a glimpse of what slithers just beneath the surface.
She now has the opportunity to decipher the enigma that’s been haunting her since childhood. But her quest soon becomes deeply entangled with the last two people she could have ever imagined: the love of her life, Dylan, who mysteriously vanished three years ago, and his estranged best friend, Romer, who seems to be guarding a secret of his own.

Romance, rancor, and redemption plummet as priorities, as their lives become riddled with peculiar happenings lying just outside the realm of science. And in search for salvation, they emerge at the brink of unveiling the best-kept secret in human history.

Book Links:

Amazon | Goodreads


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