NBS Read Out Loud Challenge

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m excited to share this news from NBS as they officially launch the Read Out Loud Challenge today.

As part of National Book Store’s 75th Anniversary celebration, NBS is proud to launch the Read Out Loud Challenge A(ROLC) to further promote the love for reading throughout the country.

ROLC campaign invites all readers to support the advocacy.To join the challenge, each participant will be requested to upload their own ROLC video on their Facebook or Instagram account.

Here’s the suggested spiel and caption:

I am ________ and I’m doing the National Book Store Read Out Loud Challenge.

Now I challenge NAME 1, NAME 2, and NAME 3 to do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge


#ReadOutLoudChallenge accepted! Reading out loud my favorite lines from my favorite book, ____________ to spread the love for reading and to support @nbsfoundation.

For every 75 videos posted, @nbsalert will help set up one library in a public school until we reach 7,500. Together, let’s promote the love for reading!

Now, I challenge @name1, @name2, @name3 to do the same.

For every 75 videos uploaded, NBS Foundation will setup 1 school library until we reach 7,500 videos. These libraries can be an instrument in providing hundreds of opportunities for learning as well as fostering literacy to Filipino children in various communities nationwide.

By participating, you can help spread the love for reading to everyone you know, igniting and building a stronger reading culture.

Join this campaign by creating and uploading your ROLC video beginning today, March 14, 2017. You can upload more than one videos.

Watch sample videos below for your reference

* PR courtesy of National Books Store

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