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Blog Tour: The Conspiration of the Universe by Kenneth Olanday (Review)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last stop for The Conspiration of the Universe Blog Tour organized by the publisher, Pop Fiction. This is my second time to join their blog tours, and I’m excited to introduced to all of you a new story to read.

Personal Thoughts:

The Conspiration of the Universe has an interesting premise – book character comes to life and manage to exist in real world. It’s sound intriguing to me the first time I read the synopsis, so I am defenitely in. I want to know what it is all about. I didn’t exactly expect an Inkheart kind of plot, afterall this one is ya romance not fantasy. So I started reading with few expectations.

“Every day we had to make a choice. Most of the time, the effect of our choices would be so small that we’d forget about it. But sometimes, it would be so big that you’d never forget it for the rest of your life.”

The characters – Luke, Eureka and even Matthew had their own set of charms that makes reading their story so much fun. Luke and Matthew are self confessed nerd/geek, which you all know that I’m usually fan of. My only complaint is, I don’t think that they were given the chance to show how brainy they really are, because the plot is too much focus to Luke’s love life. I would really love to read more of Luke and Matt’s geeky sides and friendship. Their little banter, and the flashback at the end is not enough for me. I think it would be more fun to see them show their personal side and talk other things than just Luke’s love life. Because to be honest, Luke’s character sometimes come up too whiny with all the love talks.

As for Eureka, I like the mystery of her character and what she symbolized. Her very own existence makes me thinks of a lot of possibilities for the ending and possible explanations that the author has in his sleeve. And I’m glad that Kenneth Olanday delivered well. It’s actually one I predicted, but never the less glad to see how smoothly it was executed. Kudos to the author for delivering a believable ending.

I admit there are some issues with the writing. But given how fun and quick I finished the book, I am willing to let those pass. Eureka and Luke story is something to be enjoy and not to analyze. It’s fiction and a love story after all.

Overall, the Conspiration of the Universe is a quick, light and fun read. Kenneth Olanday did a wondeful job fleshing out Eureka and Luke’s story. Something that pop fiction readers will surely enjoy.


Luke believes in a quote by his favorite author — that is you want something so bad, the universe will conspire to help you get it.

Luke must have wanted to find love so much that Eureka, the heroine of his favorite book, comes to life and falls in love with him.

There is just one catch: once Eureka reaches the end of her book’s storylike in the real world, then her story with Luke will end, too.

Will the universe conspire to help the star-crossed lovers find true happiness with each other?

One thing is for sure, Luke will do everything he can to keep Eureka forever.

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