you are the toughest person I know
also the smartest one
just two of the million reasons
why I am so proud to call you mom
this recent battle you are in
is just another test from above
to prove how strong
and brave you really are

your doctors cannot believe
how you manage to survive
though it is not without a scratch
but it is truly a miracle one
they say you need operations
open your skull and check your head
as if you are just one of those experiments
they wanted to see your brain

but with your stubbornness
the sharp knife manage to stay away
then the battle continues
beyond the hospital bed
now itchiness is your new companion
something no medicines, nor ointments can cure
because according to you specialist
they are just inside your head

parts of your body doesn’t even respond
they are as stubborn as you are
no matter how much you ask and plead
to your brain to make them move
they don’t take the commands,
not the pleads, and not the threats
your orders and wishes
are nothing to them anymore

we may not physically feel
all your struggles and frustrations
but know we are tying our best
to be more patient, loving and helpful
we are here to share our strength
and help you win this war
we promise to pick you up
when you are stuck on the ground

this battle you are currently in
is not for you to face alone
we are always on your side
fighting together your demons
if only we can take the pains,
all your struggles and your frustrations
we will carry them all for you
no need for you to ask us to

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