Lady, be careful when you take any help
be careful because not everyone has good intentions
helping hand can be a dagger in disguised
cloaked with beautiful words that are full of lies
bait for someone like you
then once you turn your back
you’ll be the latest fool who fall into the trap
the dagger’s blade pointed to your direction
slicing your throat inch by inch
till you bleed like a murder scene from the news screen

don’t be a fool thinking the world is as good as before
even we all wish for that old tale to be the same
we are in the era where people lies without thinking
some kill for money like life weigh nothing
fame and money are the new commodities
nobody cares for honesty and dignity
so Lady, open your eyes to the new reality
before you become the latest victim
and fall to this trend of materialism
a world full of traps, deceptions and lies

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