abc is one of the many things you first thought us
singing along with the alphabet song even you don’t carry a tune
you guided our hands forming those letters in papers
making sure we excel in school

then school become bigger, and lessons got harder
but your teachings never fail, even when you don’t always get to be there
you teach us to be tough and be smart, be kind and be helpful
you become an example to the three of us, our guide and our mentor

every battle we face in life, we face them with you
no matter how tough life can be, we know we can make it through
the strength you share to us feels like a river with no ends
you keep on giving, keep on loving even at times we don’t feel deserving

so from the alphabet you teach us, let me send them back to you
even words are not enough, and letters are too short
let me say my gratitude and know that you are appreciated
we are forever thankful for building our solid foundation

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