At the Very Least Care

Should I end this now?
Should I put an end in everything?
Not just the pains and the hatred
But even the good and the bright sides?

Ever wonder how many people out there
Thinking of those thoughts at the very moment?
Or how many have been there?
Did they survive or not?

No one knows how each of us struggles
Because no one really cares deeply
Nobody cares enough to pause and think
What matter is more than being right

We are so good at expressing our opinions
That we forgot to be careful with our words
We forgot that those words are like swords
A very sharp weapon enough to kill somone

With enough tools to spread lies
Or hurt someone with ugly words
No wonder why suicidal cases increases
We are not sensitive enough to care

We forgot that we are spreading hurt
Instead of lifting someone and offer help
We are so happy pointing their imperfection
Just to show we are correct and they are not

Sometimes we think of ourselves so highly
That we forgot that instead of spreading love
We are creating a dark place for someone
A place where someone feels hopelessness

Maybe it’s just a small matter to us
But what if it’s a world for them?
We are grabbing them of their world
May it be knowingly or unknowingly

Instead of creating a beautiful world
And extending a lending hand
We shove them to a darker place
Where they find only one way to escape

Then we blame them for being weak
For not strong enough to survive
We blame them for wanting peace
For taking the easy way out

But is it really easy for them?
Or is it easier for us pointing blame?
Did we try to at least understand them?
Or at the very least care?

To make them realized that it is not yet the end.

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