Transformed Through Fire

No longer will I light the flame,
To keep others warm and free from pain,
Burning myself, keeping others warm
Only bring me tears and more harm.

I’ve given all I had to give,
Pouring out my heart to live,
A life of love, for others’ sake,
But now, for me, it’s time to take.

I’m done with sacrificing my peace,
Putting others’ needs above my own, with ease,
I’ve given too much, leaving me empty
Time to take back my life, and be free

Start to focus on my own well-being,
And let my soul and heart find healing,
For when I’m strong and full of love,
I’ll be able to spread it like a dove.

So I’ll keep the flame of self-love ablaze,
And watch it flourish, in each and every phase,
For when I’m whole, I’ll shine so bright,
Inspiring others to find their own light.


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