Through the Lens

In the realm of cameras,
the lens is the window to the world,
framing and capturing the scene,
focusing our attention.

But sometimes the lens can deceive,
cropping out what we cannot see,
showing only what it wants us to perceive,
blurring reality, leaving us naïve.

It’s a metaphor for life, you see,
our lenses shaped by experience and belief,
our conscious and subconscious themes,
controlling what we perceive.

We see what we want to see,
what our lens allows us to perceive,
missing out on the rest of the scene,
trapped in a myopic, self-imposed scheme.

So, let’s be mindful of our lenses,
expand our focus, adjust our frames,
so we can see more of life’s beauty,
and not just what our lens proclaims.


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