water flows down again from your skinny face,
and seeing them now makes me feel helpless,
especially since I caused it in the first place.

I am sorry; sometimes I forget about your condition,
and I’m still not used to all these shifts around us

you used to be the stronger one,
the fighter, the brave, the one we all turned to for help

I’m still trying to fit myself into this new role,
and no amount of training can prepare me for it,
but I have no choice but to give my best

sometimes I wish you could guide me like you used to,
but I know you’ve already done your part,
and I can only hope I’ve learned enough to make you proud

sometimes I wish I could be the hero you are to me,
to save you from all the pain and worries,
but I know no one can replace you,
and all I can do is be strong for you


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