Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics

"The poems never judge me for healing wrong." Titled after the poem that burned up on Tumblr and has inspired wedding vows, paintings, songs, YouTube videos, and even tattoos among its fans, Mouthful of Forevers brings the first substantial collection of this gifted young poet’s work to the public. Clementine von Radics writes of love,... Continue Reading →


Ink Unleashed

Happy Friday Everyone! If you all noticed, Friday is usually when I post some of my poetry here on the blog. Though I haven't written much poems lately, I still managed to throw few lines every now and then. Since they are too short to published in here, I decided to create an instagram account... Continue Reading →

What’s in there?

What's in there? There's a music in silence A noise in my head Silently hissing, Humming and drumming Sending melody Through whisper in the air There's a beauty in darkness A stillness That bring peace Providing rest to the soul That quietly pleading For space and ease There's a pattern in chaos An organize clutter... Continue Reading →

New State

please stop asking what's going on in my head especially when I don't understand it myself sometimes I just need time time to think and time to breath please try to understand I'm not used to all these I've been alone since forever your sudden presence is new to me but don't think I don't... Continue Reading →


inspiration doesn't always flow like when you are around forcing myself doesn't work everything isn't same anymore colors lost their brightness tones turned out to be mute textures easily uneven nothing shines at all photos doesn't have a life every exposure is in zero zone maximum blackness is what I got fading to continuous blankness... Continue Reading →


MISTAKEN I don't understand you anymore As if I don't really know you at all Did you changed? Or am I just blinded all along? Did I mistaken you for someone else? Or everything is just pretensions? Did I misjudge you? Or is this your real intention?

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