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Celebrating Debutantes 2017: Kat Greene Comes Clean by Melissa Roske (Movie Cast + Giveaway)

Happy Wednesday to all! I am thrilled to have debut author Melissa Roske here on the blog today as part of Celebrating Debutantes 2017 event. Melissa will be sharing to us her casting pick for her upcoming middle grade novel, Kat Greene Comes Clean. The book releases next week, don’t forget to buy copies.

To know more about Melissa and Kat Greene Comes Clean, check the author’s bio and book’s description that follows after the guest post. There are also links where you can catch up with the author or where to pre-order copies of the book. And if you are from the US or Canada and would like to take a chance in winning a copy of the book and swags, there’s a giveaway at the end of this post. Just enter the rafflecopter form. But before that, here’s Melissa with her casting pick for Kat Greene Comes Clean. Enjoy!

Kat Greene Comes Clean Movie Cast

Kat Greene—Ruby Barnhill
Best known for her role in The BFG, the 2016 movie based on Roald Dahl’s beloved middle-grade novel, Barnhill captures Kat’s easy charm and spunky personality. Plus she’s completely adorable—just like Kat!

Mom—Jayma Mays
Not only is Mays wearing Mom’s signature overalls in this photo, she is a brilliant actress who can play comic and dramatic roles equally well. She scores extra points for portraying a TV character with OCD—Emma Pillsbury, the high-school guidance counselor, in the long-running series, Glee—in an accurate and fair manner.

Halle Maklansky—Amandla Stenberg
Stenberg, who is best known for her portrayal of Rue in the 2012 adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel, The Hunger Games, has a warm playful in her eye—just as I imagine Kat’s BFF, Halle, would.

Sam Teitelbaum—Sean Giambrone
his versatile actor is best known for playing Adam Goldberg in the TV series The Goldbergs, and he looks exactly the way I imagined Kat’s friend Sam would: happy, with curly hair and glasses, and a “wide-face-splitting grin.” Perfect!

Michael McGraw—Jason Bonnell
Bonnel’s movies aren’t exactly child-friendly (his latest film, Adam K, is about an insurance-salesman-turned-serial killer), but he bears an uncanny physical resemblance—in my mind—to Halle’s crush, the cute-but-dim Michael McGraw.

Olympia Rabinowitz — Anne Lamott
I actually had the writer Anne Lamott in mind when I wrote Olympia’s character (“Her hair is the color of orange Kool-Aid and styled in lots of skinny braids”), so even though I’m not choosing an actor to portray Olympia, the psychologist at Kat’s hippie-dippy school, I think it works!

Dad—Ben Affleck.
Affleck is able to pull off a wide variety of roles, from a mild-mannered accountant to Batman. So why not Kat’s dad too?

Barbara—Julia Roberts.
Like Jayma Mays, Roberts is known for playing both comic and dramatic roles. In the book, Kat’s stepmom, Barbara, has a good sense of humor, but she also has to have a firm grip on her son, Henry, who can be a “real handful.”

Henry—William Watkins.
I actually found this cutie-pie by googling “three-year-old child actors”! He would be excellent as Kat’s little brother, Henry—and he’s wearing a superhero T-shirt and little-kid Converse. Love it!


Melissa Roske is a writer of contemporary middle-grade fiction. Before spending her days with imaginary people, Melissa interviewed real ones, as a journalist in Europe. In London, she landed a job as an advice columnist for Just Seventeen magazine, where she answered hundreds of letters from readers each week. Upon returning to her native New York, Melissa contributed to several books and magazines, selected jokes for Reader’s Digest, and got certified as a life coach. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband, daughter, and the occasional dust bunny.

Find Melissa

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Book Details:

Title: Kat Greene Comes Clean
Author: Melissa Roske
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: August 22, 2017
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover, eBook

Eleven-year-old Kat Greene has a lot on her pre-rinsed plate, thanks to her divorced mom’s obsession with cleaning. When Mom isn’t scrubbing every inch of their Greenwich Village apartment, she’s boiling the silverware or checking Kat’s sheets for bedbugs. It’s enough to make any sane middle schooler crazy! Add friendship troubles to the mix, a crummy role in the school play, and Mom’s decision to try out for Clean Sweep, a TV game show about cleaning, and what have you got? More trouble than Kat can handle. At least, without a little help from her friends. 


Book Links

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Quick Catch Up

Happy Friday Everyone!

I just want to write a quick post today as I try to catch up with my blogging and reading. I know I’ve been MIA for more than a month already and truth to be told, I miss blogging and reading so much. But honestly I don’t feel I have something creative or new to share to everyone lately. Plus the fact that I have crazy schedule outside the blogging world just doesn’t give me much room to even go on-line. If you are following me in my other social media accounts, I’m sure you probably notice my silence in the past few weeks. But here I am, trying a baby step to go back on-line by stealing a few minutes out of my busy schedule. Also, I’m hoping that after this I get my writing and reading mojo back soon.

On the side note, I received an early Christmas gifts yesterday from Scholastic Philippines. Thanks so much Ms. Joyce 🙂


Will try my best to be back again here hopefully before Christmas. I miss talking to everyone here and on twitter and instagram.  Thank you for sticking around.


Ink Unleashed

ink unleashed

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you all noticed, Friday is usually when I post some of my poetry here on the blog. Though I haven’t written much poems lately, I still managed to throw few lines every now and then. Since they are too short to published in here, I decided to create an instagram account where I can host those short poems or haikus. The intagram account is “inkunleashed”, hence the title of this post.

You may check some of my four liners attempt of poetry, and maybe some haikus soon. Longer poems will still be published in here, since Instagram’s sqaure box is too limited for long writings. I hope you guys check Ink Unleashed on Instagram for more of my writings and random thoughts.

Thanks so much!

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2016 Reading & Blogging Goals

I’m back and hopefully more appearance than the past few months! Sorry for being MIA, there are just so many things that happened before 2015 ends like the wedding of one of my best friend which makes me super busy being a Maid of Honor, then there’s also the holidays and other life’s obligations. But now that I’m back I’m very much excited to share to all of you my 2016 reading and blogging plans.

Unlike last year where my reading and blogging plans was more “go with the flow” this year I’m actually lay-outing a more detailed plans with the push of my closest reading buddy Precious of Fragments of Life. Together we are organizing a blog event called “Celebrating Debutantes 2016”, wherein we are featuring debut authors of 2016 and their works. Since I love meeting new authors and discovering great talents I am actually excited to host this event with Precious.

Precious and I also targeting literary titles as part of our monthly reads this 2016. With a goal to try different genre than our usual YA fantasy or contemporary read we are trying a more mature/serious tone of reads. We already picked our target tiles for each month so watch out for our reviews.

As for my goodreads reading challenge this year, I’m back to 100 books to read. Last year I tried to cut it down to 50 books expecting for a more lay low reading in 2015, then eventually changed it to 100 since I am reading more than I targeted. I’m happy to report that I did finished the 100 books goals for 2015. Let’s see how I will perform for this year.

That’s all for now, will have to layout other plans too beside reading and blogging for 2016.

I hope everyone’s 2016 is getting off to a great start! Happy New Year to all!!!

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2015 Reading & Blogging Goals

Happy 2015 Everyone! How’s everyone year so far? I hope 2015 brings us all good cheers and blessings. 2015 is actually kicking pretty fast for me, it’s just few days since the year started but I feel like I’m in the fast lane already doing all the planning and other work related stuff. I foreseeing the year to be very busy which push me to decide to alter my blogging and reading plans. Instead of pushing myself with all the reading goals and challenges like what I do every year, I decided to cut all the goals for 2015 and just let the tides flow for me. No tight goals or concrete plans but to enjoy blogging and reading.

I’ve already cut my goodreads reading challenge goal to half – from the usual 100 books per year I’m doing a 50 books this year. I’m also hoping to read most the books from my shelves and lessened my habit of acquiring new books without having definite plans or timeline of reading them because I’m usually stack with my for review pile. As for getting books for review, just like last year, I will continue to stop requesting book for review. If I get an offer to review books I will consider them but will only accepts those books I think that I will really like or will definitely love. I’m also cutting joining review tour this year – this one will be bit hard since I’m one of the admins of a local book tour site but I’ll still try.

I’m going back reading more non-fictions books too beside those usual required reading for work. Last time I checked, the nonfiction area of my shelve is almost non-existence compare to the volumes of YA fiction books I have. Even if I add those dozens of self-help titles that I lend to my friends they are still too small compare to fictions books I acquired for the past years.

There are other plans but all these plans and goals are just more of a reminder for me to just removed the restrictions and the usual lines of schedule and target goals. Time to go back reading and reviewing for my own enjoyment and just share the love for written words without the hassle of obligations.