The Chains of Routine

work, work, and work, from dusk until dawn
a lifestyle that leaves us feeling down
pushing us harder, at a breakneck pace
as we strive to make it to the top of the race

the clients demand, our boss commands
we’re expendable pawns in their hands
we’re trapped in a cycle, no end in sight
our dreams and passions, always out of sight

we forget what it’s like to be really alive
as each day passes, we barely survive
our bodies tired, our minds numb and blank
we’re like machines mindlessly doing task at hand

the days blur together, a monotonous scene
our souls crushed, our spirit in between
the pressure builds, our hearts heavy with sorrow
as we strive for a better tomorrow

we are not machines, we are human beings
with emotions, desires, and meaningful dreams
we yearn for meaning, for purpose and light
to break free from this never-ending fight

it’s time to take control, and make a change
to prioritize our health, and break the chain
our lives are more than just work and stress
we deserve to be happy, and to live with success

so let’s break free from the unhealthy routine
and create a life that is fulfilling and serene
we can find a job that values who we are
and live a life that will take really far

it’s time to step back, to take a deep breath
to find our own path, and avoid an early death
our time is precious, our life is a gift
let’s make each moment count, and find our peace.

Fairytale Dreams

It started like a fairytale,
from childish dreams and romantic hopes.
a girl who believed in tales
of princes and their castles,
of someone who would rescue her
from dragons, tall towers,
and other unspeakable nightmares.

But as the story unfolded,
it became clear that this fairytale
was not meant to be hers to live.
She watched from the sidelines
as others found their happily ever afters,
wondering when her turn would come.

She tried to force the narrative,
to fit her life into the mold of the tale,
but it always fell short, never quite right.
The more she tried to make it work,
the more she realized that this story
was like a fairytale, just not hers to tell.

And so she closed the book on that chapter,
letting go of the dreams and hopes
that no longer served her.
She began to write a new story,
one that was uniquely hers,
with its own twists and turns,
and a happy ending that was truly meant for her.

Quiet the Noise

The world can be an unreliable critic,
With comments that cut deep and leave you sick.
From people who don’t know or care for you,
As if they are perfect, with a flawless view.

Their words can wound, leaving scars on your heart,
And tear your confidence and joy apart.
But don’t let them get inside your head,
For their opinions don’t define who you are.

Don’t let their criticism bring you down,
Or make you feel like you are about to drown.
Don’t let their negativity dim your light,
You are strong, you are a beautiful sight.

The world can be harsh, but you can rise above,
And show to everyone who you really are.
Remember that their words don’t define who you are,
You are more than enough, their words are just trash.

You are more than the labels they try to stick,
More than the criticisms that make you feel sick.
You are a masterpiece, a work of art,
A masterpiece created from your heart.

For the world is full of noise and chatter,
But only you know what truly matters.
So hold your head high, and stand your ground,
For in your own skin, true beauty is found.

Let go of the noise that clouds your mind,
And don’t let their words make you blind.
Remember that their words are not a reflection,
Of who you are or what you can be.

Take their criticism with a grained of imperfection,
And be the best version of yourself you can see.
Let your inner voice be your ultimate guide,
You know who you are, let your own light shine.

Play the Fool

As we grow older, we often lose that spark,
And forget the magic that’s hidden in the dark.
We focus on the serious, and let go of the fun,
And in the process, our inner child is undone.

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously,
Striving for success, always busy and delirious.
But life is too short to never let loose,
So let’s play the fool and harness our inner child’s juice.

In the chaos of the world, it’s easy to lose sight,
Of the simple pleasures that bring us delight.
But with the eyes of a child, the world becomes new,
And all of life’s possibilities shine through.

Playing the fool doesn’t mean you’re less of an adult,
It’s a way to release stress, to recharge and exult.
So let go of your worries, your fears, and your pride,
And harness your inner child’s spirit, with arms open wide.

Embrace the silliness, the whimsy, and all the fun,
Let yourself go, feel the warmth of the sun.
The world is your playground, the stage for your show,
So dance like no one’s watching, let your creativity flow.

Explore your inner child, the one who’s pure and free,
Who’s not afraid to fail, and try new things with glee.
For in her heart, there’s a world of wonders and delight,
That’s just waiting to be discovered and brought to light.

Let the child inside you take the reins,
And show you the joys of life that remain.
Feel the wind in your hair, the grass beneath your feet,
And let your soul dance to its own beat.

Play the fool, let your imagination glide
Into a world of wonder, with nothing to hide.
Embrace your inner child, let her guide the way,
As you discover the joy of living each day.

Living Poem

You are a living poem, my friend,
A masterpiece waiting to be penned,
With unique experiences to lend,
And emotions that will never end.

Amidst this world of noise and care,
You are a breath of fresh air to share,
Offering salvation everywhere,
A balm to soothe and hearts repair.

In moments of peace and rare sanity,
Your voice rings out with clarity,
Whispering silently your heart’s desire,
Fanning the flames of your inner fire.

So let your light shine bright and true,
Embrace the beauty that is you,
Share your story with the world anew,
For your words have the power to renew.

You are a living poem, waiting to be read,
With words that can inspire, uplift, and heal,
So let your heart guide you, let your pen lead,
May your soul’s melody inspire others to believe.

Book Hangover

books sometimes gives you
hangover of a lifetime,
wherein after reaching the end
it makes you feel paralyzed

and make you lose touch
with the real world
floating in a daze for days
leaving you with a lingering sadness

and eventually you land on your feet
only to find yourself more lost
in unbearable heavy emotions
of everything that you have read

you find yourself yearning
to the world that the author created
longing to escape your own reality
and live within its pages

it’s a bittersweet feeling,
being moved by a story to the point
where it consumes you entirely and
leaves you in a state of longing for more

but that’s the beauty of a good book,
it can transport you to another world
leave you an indelible mark on your life
forever changed by its words and story