Review Policy

Hi and welcome to Black Plume!

I assume you are reading this page because you are interested in having your book featured in this blog. Thank you for your interest but please read my guidelines first thoroughly.

I accept books for review and I am also happy to do author and book promotions, either via guest post, interviews, giveaways, and blog tours. I primarily reviews young adult literature in different genre such as but not limited to fantasy, contemporary, dystopia/science fiction, mystery/thriller, and paranormal. Middle grade, new adult, graphic novels, Christian fiction, business books, and picture books are also welcome as long as it piqued my interest. You can check the archived page to see what books I already read and reviewed to get an idea of my preferences.

I do not guarantee a positive review for your works, however, I will be honest and fair in reviewing them. If the book is clearly not for me, I can assure that my review will no way be disrespectful to the book nor the author and I will always try to explain my opinions.

I also reserve the right not to accept books for review if it does not fit my interests or if I think that I cannot review or feature it on time. Once I accept your book, I will feature it here on my blog. I also post my review on Goodreads, Amazon and sometimes at Book Depository (if the book is available from them). My reviews are also automatically posted as link to my blog’s Facebook page and twitter account @_blackplume.

Please feel free to e-mail me at blackplum3(at)gmail(dot)com or use the contact page for review requests or other book-related promotion inquiries. Please don’t forget to include the description of the book, genre, title, your affiliation to the book (author/publisher/other), and your contact details.

Thank You!

– Maricar

The books reviewed on this blog, unless expressly stated otherwise, were either purchased with my own money or given as a gift. When the book I review is received from a publisher or author in exchange for a review or feature, this fact will be noted in the feature. I do not receive any kind of monetary compensation for any of the reviews or features posted in this blog. Any print books, ARCs, or eBooks given to me will not be sold. They will be kept personally or be given away via giveaways/raffles or donations.

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