Meeting Lauren Kate in Person

The night before the event Chai and I are still unsure if we will attend the book signing of Lauren Kate, author of Fallen series. Since I’m free that day I decided to give it a try so I asked Chai for the meet-up time. When we arrived there, the Atrium is already set for the book signing event and there were few people around the area already. We decided to buy the Torment (Fallen book 2) first at National bookstore to get the passes and have the books signed during the event. After few minutes we are already in line for registration. We are on the first and second slot for the 50 early bird who has the sure slot of getting the books sign and meet Lauren Kate in person. We waited for quite awhile until Lauren Kate arrived at around 5:30pm. While waiting we were given free Krispy Kreme donuts by the friendly organizer, we also meet other book bloggers and readers.

During the event, Lauren Kate answer questions from the speaker and two lucky special fan. After the interview, Lauren Kate signed their books. She also read the prologue of Torment. Listening to her is like listening to audio books. She read with such clarity and proper emotions. After the reading, there are some reporters who conduct some interview session with her. Then she began signing books.

She started signing first the VIP guess from media and reporters. After that we got our chance to have our books signed and talk to her. I was the first one from the 50 early birds to go up on stage with her. I asked her few questions about her next book Passion, the third book of Fallen series. I find her nice, down to earth and lovely. She was easy to talk to and she smiles a lot. After a few minutes Chai got her chance on stage so I went downstairs in front of the stage to take few photos of Chai and Lauren Kate. After awhile I went back on stage and have few photo shot with Lauren too. We also got one photo with Lauren Kate taken by the event photographer. Though I don’t know where can we get a copy of that photo. After we got our book signed we walked down the stage and received our free fallen shirts. We also tried the temporary tatoo. Chai choosed “Fallen” and I choose “Torment” painted on our arms.

This is our first try attending a book signing event. I still can’t believe we did. There are so much memories and we surely enjoy the experience.