There’s more to life than just being fashionable,
Than trying to keep up with the latest trend.
It’s time to break free from the need for likes,
And find a style that’s uniquely you, my friend.

Stop chasing all the world’s validations
For their approval are short and false
You have everything you need inside
Your worth is not based on their words.

Don’t waste your time pleasing others
Or living life according to their lines
The world needs more individuals
Not just the same old crowd.

Put aside the masks and show who you are,
Embrace your quirks, all your flaws,
And everything that makes you whole and you
For true beauty lies within your heart.

Just be yourself, and show to everyone
The person you truly are inside
Let your confidence, kindness, and grace
Be the fashion that shines, brighter than any light.

You are more than just clothes and fashion
Be proud of who and what you really are
The beauty in imperfection is what sets you apart
So cast off the masks and show the world your heart