Meeting New York Times Best Selling author Leigh Bardugo + Giveaway

Meeting authors and talking to them or just listening to them talk about books, works and experiences is always a fun, memorable and inspiring experience for me. It’s one of those times when I get to know them more personal than just the person who write stories that consume every hours of my reading time. When I get to meet and talk to them, they are not just writers behind the stories I read, they become a friend, mentor, and inspiration.

Just like last Sunday when I met Leigh Bardugo in a private event for bloggers organized by National Book Store, Leigh become our friend, mentor, and inspiration. We had fun grilling her with questions about her books and works, and listening to her stories and experiences. She is absolutely fun and engaging. I feel like she animates when she talks, and with her beautiful big eyes, it’s just so much adorable to see her up close talking about her passion and experiences as a writer.

During the Q&A someone asked her which amplifier she would choose and Leigh answer in exclamation 🙂

“Oh! No!….No!… Then I have to kill an animal! I can’t do it!…”

Because Leigh is an animal lover, and having an amplifier in her books mean killing an animals or person and wearing pieces of the kill for powers. With that Leigh can’t imagine killing for the sake of gaining powers. Just writing those scenes in her book where animals where killed is not easy for Leigh what more actually killing one? But if she really had to choose for an amplifier she would pick Firebird. (You have to read Leigh’s third book from The Grisha series, Ruin and Rising to know why).

I’ve asked Leigh about the Grisha world setting and her interest with the 1800 Russia and she told us that she set Grisha in Russia because she actually wanted to take her readers to a different place. As a huge fan of Gorge RR Martin’s Game of Throne and have read a lot of books that used Medieval England as a setting Leigh is basically influenced by those type of worlds. And since she wants to show the tension between the rise of modern military technology and medieval magic, 1800 Russia is a perfect choice for her. As for continuing to write in the same world as the Grisha in her upcoming book Six of Crows, she just knew that she has a story to tell set in Kerch, because Kerch is an interesting setting being the hub of legan and illegal trade.

Six of Crows is written in five different points of view with heist comparable to prison break. It’s about six kids who are trying to pull off a suicide mission. Unlike with Shadow and Bone, Six of Crows isn’t about the “chosen one” story, instead it’s about those characters who are just trying to survive.

Aside from Six of Crows, Leigh has a horror story coming out entitled Slasher Girls & Monster Boys whose cover is her favorite of all time because it’s so creepy. This thriller anthology is a collaboration with other talented authors like Kendare Blake, A.G. Howard, Megan Shepherd and others. Leigh also written a story included in Stephanie Perkin’s anthology Summer Days, Summer Nights which is set in New England and schedule to release next year.

As for the other characters of the Shadow of Bone series who didn’t get a part from Six of Crows, well Leigh might write more about them, especially Sturmhond. But currently Leigh is still on break from the Grisha world after writing the sequel of Six of Crows, so Sturmhond story have to wait. And there’s also a possibility that Alina might get a novella in the future, maybe after Sturmhond book/s.

As for the Darkling, Chyna asked Leigh about how he build his character, being the villain who most readers like and I love how Leigh explains how “she write characters and not love interest or villains”. Though she created the Darkling’s to be appealing and sexy because according to her most of the dangerous are the beautiful, brooding, and charming ones as they have the power to manipulate people, still the Darking is not created to be just the villain. She doesn’t write villains or love interest because that gets boring for her. Instead she write characters and try to develop them into something.

Bloggers Forum with Leigh Bardugo.jpegTop: Me and Precious of Fragments of Life with Leigh Bardugo | Below: Leigh during the forum & book signing

Watch or listen to Leigh narrate the story that inspired the first book of Grisha Trilogy Shadow and Bone

Also here’s Leigh message for her Filipino fans

A million thanks to Leigh for visiting us all the way here in the Manila. It’s really a wonderful and memorable experience meeting and talking to you in person. I really hope you got another chance to visit us again here. I miss you already.

Thank you also to the people of National Book Stores, Powerbooks and to Leigh’s publisher for bringing Leigh here and for organizing the bloggers’ forum event. It’s really a pleasure being part of a gathering like this. Thanks you so much!

To know more about Leigh Bardugo and her books visit her website, tumblr or instagram and follow her on twitter for instant updates.


What’s up for Grabs?

  • Grisha swags and Pre-ordered copy of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Giveaway Price Grisha SwagsSix of Crows

The Rules:

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The contest is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who has entered. The winner was already drawn and announced via rafflecopter. I also sent email to the winner, who got 48 hours to reply or else I’ll be forced to draw another. Congrats to the winner and Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Watch out for the next giveaway soon!

E. Lockhart in Manila

Last Sunday I got the chance to attend Bloggers’ Forum with best-selling and award winning author, Emily Lackhart organized by National Book Stores. Emily wrote one of the most buzzed young adult book last year, We Were Liars and other young adult novels such as Ruby Oliver Series, Fly on the Wall, and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which won several awards like Michael L. Printz Honour Book, and Cybils Award for Best Young Adult Novel, and also a finalist for the National Book Award.

Lockhart's Books

The forum was held few hours before Emily’s public book signing so basically, we have an hour or two of Q&A and chatting with her. During the Q&A, Emily is so enthusiastic and “animated” (as what the other bloggers call it). She is also contemplative giving each questions pondering before answering them. And when she answer, she hold no barred, sharing everything even her personal life to us. For an award winning author, Emily is so down to earth and easy to talk to.

She answered every questions we throw at her without hesitation, even the silly ones. And it’s really fun watching her while she answered them. When she narrates how she start pitching her idea for We Were Liars to her agents/editors as “story about real estate” we are all laughing with her. She is so lively in front doing all the gestures and mimicking the reactions of her editors for us. It was so hilarious. Wish I captured that part on video so you all see what I’m talking here.

Basically, most of the questions are about Emily’s book We Were Liars and her writing process. I asked her about her inspiration for including fairy-tale stories in We Were Liars which she answered with her history of owning a huge collections of fairy-tale books from her Mom. As a kid she read a lot fairy-tales because they have these box full of hardcover fairytale stories which they kept on lugging around every time they moved places. Even if they didn’t have much furniture or shelf, this particular box of fairy tales books is always with them. Her mom loves these books dearly that every time Emily got the chance to read them her mom has to make sure Emily has clean hands before touching the books or watch her reading making sure she won’t damaged them. Later on she found out that these books are actually given by her Dad to her Mom during courtship, which makes her realized that they’ve been carrying around a box of “marital baggage” (Emily’s words not mine) and that she was symbolically asked to held her parents marriage dearly. With that childhood background, writing fairy-tales for We Were Liars came very naturally for Emily and it was midway writing the book when she started adding these fairytale stories.

Listen to the full Q&A through Jesselle‘s recording here.

E Lockart in Manila

Also, Emily is writing a new book which sounds so exciting. It doesn’t have a title yet but it is about an “international jet-setting nineteen year-old con artists” which will be out next year through Random House Publishing. When Emily said “con-artist” I just picture Matt Bomer from the TV series White Collar which is a favorite series of mine. I know Matt isn’t nineteen year-old but still. Anyway, I have to cut myself before I talk too much about Matt Bomer or White Collar which has nothing to do with Emily’s book or this post.

PHYABloggers(photo credit to Dea of Teen Readers’ Diary)

Watch Emily’s message after the Q&A:

“Well, you guys are all writers already. So I just applaud your spirit of inquiry and critique. I think young adult fiction especially, needs not only champions but critics. Who are willing to think intelligently and argue with one another and create an intelligent dialogue about literature for young people so I applaud you.”

Thanks you so much Emily for visiting us all the way here in the Philippines. It’s really a lovely and wonderful experience meeting and talking to you in person. Hope you got another chance to visit us again here. We are missing you already.

Thank you also to the people of National Book Stores and Powerbooks for inviting me to join the bloggers’ forum. It is always a pleasure joining your events.

Find out more about Emily Lockhart and her books through her website or Tumblr and follow her on Twitter for instant updates.

Ransom Riggs, Tahereh Mafi and Veronica Rossi in PH

Few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I will have a chance to meet any of my favorite authors. It’s like just one my bucket list before! Then National Book Store (NBS) started bringing different International Bestselling Authors here in the country and I found myself attending almost every event they organized. Through those events I have not only met some of my favorite author like Gayle Forman but also other International bestselling authors whose books I do read, like Lauren Kate, Lauren Oliver, Tahereh Mafi with Ransom Riggs, Kiera Cass, Melissa De La Cruz, Margaret Stohl, Alyson Noel, Becca Fitzpatrick and a lot more. With that I am very much thankful and grateful to NBS for inviting those authors here in Manila. At least I don’t have to shell out so much money flying abroad just for a chance to meet those talented and lovely authors.

So last Saturday, April 26, 2014 another author meet-up and book signing happened, and I am one of the lucky person who got the chance to meet three international bestselling authors, Ransom Riggs, Tehereh Maffi and Veronica Rossi during the close and private gathering organized by NBS before the public appearance of these three authors in Glorietta 1. Meeting and interviewing/chatting with these talented authors is always a privileged for me. It’s fun, inspiring and memorable!!!

Unlike with Veronica Rossi, this is not my first meeting with Ransom and Tahereh but I am so much excited just like the first time. I didn’t expect to get sleepless night again before the event because of too much excitement. So the day of the event I went early to the venue which is still close when I arrived. I got the number one spot at the signing this time, though I have to say, the person who went to the public signing deserves much acknowledgement. I’ve heard that who ever that person is, he/she was there so early, as in around one in the morning early. And mind you, the event is set to start at 2 in the afternoon, which means he/she waited in line for more or less 13 hours to meet these three authors in person. I don’t know what to say to that. So determined and dedicated!!!

When I drop by at the public signing venue by 10am, I am surprised and overwhelmed by the huge crowd that is already gathering and lining up for the book signing. At that time, I feel so happy because I know that Ransom, Tahereh and Veronica will appreciate how much fans they have here in the Philippines. I’ve heard almost 2000 fans are there and I assume those 2000 plus are just the count of person who lined up to have their books signed and doesn’t include the spectators and fans’ companions, because I saw more than thousand of people during the event. Too bad there’s no way too capture the whole crowd but just check this photo below to have the idea of how many people are there.

Rigg Mafi & Rossi in Manila.jpeg

So back to the forum. When Ransom, Tahereh, and Veronica arrived at the venue, the event automatically started. Chad, our host that day wasted no time in introducing our lovely guest and proceed with the Q&A right away. Since we have a very limited time, not everyone at the forum got the chance to ask these lovely authors their questions. Lucky me, I got my chance to ask Ransom. Though my original question about the film adaptation and the recently announced open casting for the lead role of his book, Miss Peregrine’s is already asked before my turn, so I have to change question on the spot. Here’s what I asked him:

“We all know that you really collect photos even before you started writing books, maybe there are some photos from Hollow City that came from your old collections, my question is, thus the photos contributed or shaped the story you are writing or you already have the story planned way ahead?”

and here is his answer:

“I didn’t have much of the story planned for the first book before I started writing it. I mean, the photos really guided and shaped the narrative of the book, they are what that inspired me. And then when I get to go to the second book, the story already have this kind of momentum and view that go in a certain way so the photos can’t be the drivers anymore. Somehow the photos is my rocket, it makes me go instead. That was a little harder, keep going, finding photos and working stories rather than painting, you know. I can write many more if I want but I can’t just find the perfect story, that’s a lot harder. It took me a lot longer to write the second book, part of that is I take journey like literally across America meeting with collectors, and going to flee markets, and finding pictures…”

As for the other part of the Q&A, here are some of the few things that I remember while I am at the state of starstruck with these three lovely authors:

Ransom has already read part of the scripts for the movie adaptation of his book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children which will be directed by Tim Burton, and he is very excited with it. He even joke scream “I feel excited!!!” He also told us a little info about the open casting announcement of the film. He even invite us (jokingly of course) saying “if any one of you is 18 and wanna be in the movie…” which we all just laugh. Precious asked him, what photo will he think best represent his books, Miss Peregrine’s and Hollow City which he had a hard time answering. He even say that it will be his homework and asked Precious to tweet him for his final answer. But eventually he said that the photo that will represent his book is a heart – a real heart, beating, pumping and bloody.

Tahereh talked about her writing – how she knows who will end up with Juliet. And how she intentionally make Juliet character weak for readers to see her character growth. Because she was inspired by women who maybe physically weak but mentally strong, and that was she was trying to go for. If she has to choose one character from her books as a confidante she’d choose Kenji because Kenji is actually based from her own brothers whom she loved so much. She also love to be friends with Roar from Veronica’s series and Emma from Ransom’s Miss Peregrine’s series.

Veronica co-authored a new book under the pen name Noelle August, which entitle Boomerang. It actually started from a Skype conversation with her friend and eventually push to writing a full length novel. She had so much fun writing this one which makes the transition from new genre so easy. Compare to her previous series, this NA novel is easier to write for her.


After the Q&A is the book signing where we got the chance to chat to these lovely authors more up-close and personal. It’s really like chatting with friends – light and fun. They even signed the shirts we are wearing that day which are printed with quotes from their books. Ransom is quirky and funny as always. Love this guy! He is enthusiastic and full of energy even with a jet lag. Tahereh is very sweet and adorable while Veronica is especially nice and friendly. It is really a pleasure meeting them up-close. Wish we have more time but the thousands of people are already waiting for them.


Watch this video of Ransom, Tahereh and Veronica as they leave a quick message after the Q&A:

Thank you so much Ransom, Tahereh and Veronica for gracing us with your presence and for sharing us your time, knowledge, and even your life and experiences. You are all become an inspiration to most of us. Thank you also to the publishers who allow these three lovely and talented authors to visit us all the way here in Manila. And a big thanks to National Book Store and partners for organizing a huge event like this. It is another successful event so kudos to everyone who makes this happen. Till next bookish event!

Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Becca Fitzpatrick

Last March 29, 2014, I spent my day with my book lovers friends as we attend National Bookstore’s bloggers forum with bestselling author, Becca Fitzpatrick. To those aren’t familiar with Becca, she is the author of “Hush, Hush” saga, a YA paranormal series comprised of four books, “Hush, Hush”, “Crescendo”, “Silence”, and “Finale’. It that tells the story of Nora Grey and Patch which evolved around the angel mythology. To know more about the series, you can check my reviews for the four books in this blog.

Now, back to the event, as every followers of this blog knows, bloggers forum is a private gathering of PH bloggers (mostly my friend from PBT) and few media people where we got the chance to chat and ask author(s) anything we want. Thanks to the NBS people for organizing an event like this and for inviting us. It’s really a great opportunity to have a few hours of chat with Becca Fitzpatrick, not only because she is a best selling author but mostly because she is very nice and friendly.

Becca Fitzpatrick in Manila

She answered all our questions with smile and enthusiasm even those silly questions we’ve thrown to her. She is very game and accommodating.

She discussed her books and work experience. When the first book of Hush Hush series get published she doesn’t have lots of fears about negative reviews or feedback because she didn’t think a lot of people will read her book.

For her writing Crescendo is the most challenging part of her career, mainly because of the pressure that Hush, Hush bring after it become a success to readers. Its like everything she wrote for Crescendo is not good enough for her. There’s even a point that she told her editor that Crescendo will be her last book, that she’s done being writer after that. Eventually she take all the downs as learning experience and make sure that she learned from it. She wouldn’t change any of it because it taught her perseverance and to believe in her self more.

Black Ice was inspired by a family trip she went to when she was in high school, in one of the mountains of Wyoming. Becca got sick and ended up watching a horror movie and she thought what if she wrote a story but with a girl who accompanies two people down a mountain and ends up falling in love with one of them.

Becca also give us some teasers for Sapphire Skies, another book from her which will be out to market in fall of 2015. According to her Sapphire Skies is her favorite book that she ever written so far. The story is about a girl named Stella who witness a brutal crime and ends up in a witness protection program.  Soon she find herself in Nebraska trying to start a life as someone else.

Someone asked about what book she is currently reading and some of recommendations from her, and according to Becca, she is reading Quiet a non-fiction book about introverts, then claiming that she is an introvert herself. She also reading Earthbound and some Nora Roberts books lately.

Bloggers Forum with Becca Fitzpatrick

We also received copies of Black Ice, Becca Fitzpatrick latest and upcoming psychological thriller novel. Everyone in the event is screaming with joy when the MC announced that we are all getting advance readers copy of the book. Thanks so much Becca for bringing us copies.

and here are my signed books…

Signed Becca Fitzpatrick Books

Thank you to National Book Store for inviting me to join the forum. Thanks you also to Becca Fitzpatrick for visiting us all the way here in Manila. It’s really a lovely and memorable experience meeting and talking to you in person. Hope you visit us again next time.

Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Melissa De La Cruz, Margaret Stohl, and Alyson Noel

Last September 14, 2013 I got the chance to attend another bloggers forum and book signing event courtesy of National Book Store. They invited three best selling authors, Melissa de la Cruz, Margaret Stohl, and Alyson Noel here in the Philippines.

When I found out that these three authors are coming, I already know right away who I’ll be inviting to join me as my plus one. Ate Chai, a friend of mine is a fan of these three lovely authors. She’s the one who pushed me to read the Blue Bloods series of Melisa de la Cruz. She also introduced me some of Alyson Noel and Margareth Stohl books when we used to go out books shopping. It’s like I owe it to her that I know these three authors even before I do book blogging. And now that I finally get the chance to bring one in NBS bloggers forum (thanks to JB for sending me the official NBS invite), it is just right to give that one invite to Ate Chai. And it’s also nice to finally see her again after a long time.

Now the event…

The bloggers forum was held at Best Sellers, Robinson Galleria which is the book store just across the street from my place where I usually buy my books. So happy that I don’t have to travel to get to venue this time. I went early and as expected I’m the first bloggers to be there. JB was there when I enter the venue, who are still busy fixing the sound system and other things for the event. I waited for a while, and do some book shopping since putting me in a place where books are for sale means another day of hoarding. After a while Louisse of Soul Sisters Blog arrived with her mom (Louisse Mom is her plus one). Then more bloggers came together with Ate Chai and finally the three authors, Melissa De La Cruz, Margaret Stohl, and Alyson Noel with the event host, Chad.

Everyone is screaming and get more excited as these three lovely authors entered the second floor of Best Sellers via the glass elevator (first time I saw that lift in use). When Chad introduced them they even offered to pose for us so we can take pictures of them together. They are so lovely and accommodating. Then the program started where we all got the chance to ask them our questions. Everyone is so excited and eagerly listening as these authors answers all our questions honestly and enthusiastically.

I got the chance to ask Melissa one question and I asked her about her collaboration with her husband Mike. This is the exact question:

Frozen is your first credited collaboration project with your husband, Mike. Can you tell us about the collaboration process? Is there any writing difference that Mike is more involved in the project?

Melissa explain their writing process for the first book of Heart of Dread series, Frozen. Melissa mostly write the romantic scenes alone, while Mike do the action scenes. She’s also in charge with the characters, their dialogues and appearance while Mike is more on the world building.

Melissa also discussed her journey as a writer and her experience in fashion and movie industry. She tell us how her blue blood series almost piloted as a TV series and how she turned down a movie and TV series offer before. It’s a huge experience for her and she obviously learned a lot from all those things. Seeing her in front talking all those experiences, you’ll know how much those things means to her. She tell us about her Witches of East End series, which already bought to be a TV series and will air its pilot episode this coming October from Lifetime Network. Melissa is so excited and happy for it. She’s beaming with joy in front while discussing about the story and the actors/actresses of the TV series.

It is really nice to finally meet Melissa in person. I’m always intrigue with her ever since I found out that she is a Filipino who actually born and live here in Manila but migrated to United States. When I was giving her my copy of Serpent’s Kiss together with two blue bloods books, she asked me if I already read Serpent’s Kiss and said to me to be ready for some sexy scenes. At first I thought she’s just telling me about the story which I already have idea, but then when I met her again at the public signing to get another  Witches of East End signed for my friend,  Melisa asked me if I’m still studying which of course I answer honestly, but that ‘s when I realized that she is actually trying to know if I’m old enough to read her Witches of East End series  which is an adult books. She actually think I’m too young to read her books. I love her! 😀

I’m surprise with her stories and at the same time touch by her down to earth persona. Currently Melissa is working on Book Two of Frozen with her husband, and Vampires in Manhattan, a spinoff of “Blue Bloods” series.

Bloggers Forum with De la Cruz Noel Stohl

Margareth Stohl is so entertaining! Her energy is contagious, we really have more fun at the forum because of her. She jokes a lot and even some of her answers where in a form of a joke. She discuss about her books and her writing process with Kami Garcia, where they exchanges stories and edit each others works while making sure to always make the story move forward. Their process are kinda hilarious, especially on how Margareth told them to us, like how Kami will end up removing most of her entries or transforming the stories in a way she didn’t originally intended, then she’ll end up getting back to Kami by killing her character or something like that. She also discuss a few things about Dangerous Creatures, an upcoming spin-off series from Beautiful Creatures series she co-authored with Kami Garcia. The Dangerous Creatures will be out next year, May 6th, 2013.

Alyson Noel is back here in Manila again. This is her second visit here in the Philippines. She was here last year, July 2012 for a book signing at Greenbelt hosted by National Book Store. I wasn’t able to attend her first book signing since the event was scheduled Friday which means I have office work. Now, that she’s back I’m glad to finally able to see and talk to her in person. She’s so tall! Just saying out of nowhere! 😀 Anyway, she is writing few more books though she can’t revealed them yet. During the signing she also has this stamp she used for our books before signing them.

Other than meeting these lovely authors, bloggers forum is also my chance to meet again my fellow PH book bloggers. Most of those who attend the event are familiar faces and like a family already. And those new are a welcome addition in our growing group. As usual meeting these lovely ladies is so much fun. It’s like we are having a bookish conference, chatting about books of course!

Bloggers Forum with De la Cruz Noel & Stohl

photo credit from NBS Facebook Page & Kate

After the bloggers forum, I went home to unload my things and grab some lunch before heading to the public book signing held at The Podium. There are just few more books I need to get signed for my friends. They’ll kill me if I didn’t go to the signing as I promised. At the signing, I see mix of attendees at the crowd. There are kids, young adults and adult fans too. It seems that these three authors, and I think I saw one celebrity/news anchor at the event (I’m not sure though since I don’t have my eyeglasses on at that time).

Melissa also revealed the titles of their next two books for Heart of Dread series which are Stolen and Broken. Though she said that they aren’t final yet, but if she have to choose those two are her choice.

De la Cruz Noel Stohl Book Signing

Thank you National Book Store and company for inviting me to join the forum. Thanks you also to Melissa De La Cruz, Margaret Stohl, and Alyson Noel for visiting us all the way here in Manila. It’s really a nice experience meeting and talking to all you three wonderful ladies.

Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Keira Cass

Kiera Cass in PH

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kiera Cass grace Manila with her presence last Saturday for a book signing activity organized by one of the biggest book store here in the Philippines, National Book Store. But before her book signing event at Glorietta, I and other bloggers friends got the chance to have a private Question and Answer with Kiera during the bloggers’ forum organized by National Book Store and Power Books.

The moment I step to the second floor of Powerbooks and headed to the registration table, I was welcomed by friendly organizers of the NBS. My book bloggers friends were all there waiting for the event to start, and since most of the attendees were familiar faces, the event is light and fun as expected.

At the forum, Kiera Cass answers all our questions enthusiastically. Most of the questions were about her series, The Selection. Kiera also discuss her writing process and give some writing advice. After The Elite, there will be another novella and one more full length novel coming out as part of The Selection series. The novella will be out first which will be from Aspen’s perspective, and then the final installment, The One. According to Kiera those two books will complete the The Selection series as planned, but if her publisher ask her to write more for the series, she’ll definitely do it for her fans. Kiera also give few hints about what will happen to her characters, though she didn’t give much spoilers. She is actually good avoiding spoilers. She said about everyone of her characters making decisions at the end of the series, like choosing something or someone.

Bloggers Forum with Kierra Cass

Kiera’s husband, Callaway Cass was also there at the event. He is supportive to Kiera, taking pictures, and even chatting to some of us. Together they were just lovely couple to see in front.

Kierra  Cass and Callaway Cass

After the forum we went directly to National Book Store, Glorietta 1 where more than six hundreds of people were patiently waiting for Kiera. The venue was full of enthusiastic and eager fans who wants to meet Kiera in person, get their books signed, and take photos with her. Most of the attendees consist of children and young adults as expected. But there were also those supportive parents and adults fans in the crowd.

They were the most enthusiastic and loud crowd I’ve seen during a book signing event. Everyone is screaming and cheering for Kiera. The moment Kiera steps on stage, the crowd go gaga and screams with all their voices. It was like crazy in there! It took a while before that moment went off. Kiera get emotional seeing the fans with their energetic welcome, she got overwhelmed and cried. After a while she went back on stage again and asked the crowd to calmed down so the program can finally start.

The program basically consist of another Q&A. National Book Store purchasing director, Xandra Padilla-Ramos hosted the event. She asked Kiera some questions, mostly about Kiera’s books, her writing, and few details about her life. The fans were eagerly listening and responding, while obviously waiting for some surprises and revelations about The Selection series. But Kiera is good in avoiding questions with spoilers. She mentioned about another book she planned to write, though didn’t give anymore details other than the name of her character which consist of a lot of numbers.

After the Q&A, there were also press people who got their chance to do a quick interview with Kiera and then the book signing finally start. More than six hundred people fell in line to get their books signed and take photos with Kiera. I’m not sure upto what time Kiera finished signing all those books and posing with her fans, but at 8:30pm before I went home, the line is just starting to reached to four hundred. I actually don’t need to stay there since I got my book signed at the bloggers’ forum and another book during the first batch of the actual book signing. But when I found out that Kristine was still there and waiting for her turn to get her books signed, I decided to just stay with her. Kristine is a friend I’ve met during one of the book signing event I attended in the past. Bookish events like this one is our only chance to catch-up with each other in person, so it is nice to see her again.

Staying in the event is a right decision not only because I got the chance to catch up with my friend but also I get to see Kiera dancing. I don’t know what trigger the dancing but I was on the second floor of National Book Store when I heard the fans screaming, so I rushed downstairs, and there I saw Kiera doing some dance moves in front of her fans (check the middle photo below).

Kierra Cass Book Signing in Manila

Kiera seems got a full and hectic schedule while she’s here in the Philippines. Before her book signing in Manila last Saturday, she also got interviews for some of the known newspapers and magazines in the country. And last Sunday she also have another book signing in Cebu City which is also a huge success. I won’t be surprised at all if Kiera will soon come back here in the Philippines to do another book signing after the release of her next full length book, The One.

I want to thank Kiera’s publisher, Harper Teens, and Harper Collins for allowing Kiera Cass to visit us here in Manila, and thank you too to National Book Store and Powerbooks for making all these events possible.

For more information about Kiera and her books, visit her website here.