Bookish Escape

escaping life’s relentless pace
with a book in hand and tea to taste
pages turning mind at ease
worries fade, with each chapter’s breeze
lost in tales of wonder is all I need

with each sip of tea, I feel my soul warmed
stress and worries are slowly gone
with every word, I find my ease
as the pages turned, I am free
with my escape, I’ve overcome

for in these moments, peace was found
a break from life’s relentless sound
in this peaceful refuge, I’ll stay
until I’m ready to face another day
with newfound strength, I’ll be ready to fight

as I close the book and set it down
the real world gradually creeps back in
but I know that these moments are mine
a treasure to cherish and I will always find
peace and comfort in this simple retreat

so I’ll return to these pages from time to time
to escape reality and find peace within
renew my strength with a book and tea
for in this world, I am forever at peace
forever thankful for the refuge they give