Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


“Edward had always thought that he belonged to the world of horror stories. Of course, I’d known he was dead wrong. It was obvious that he belonged here. In a fairy tale.”
Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is the fourth book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. The story opens straight with the climax of twilight saga – Edward and Bella’s wedding. The first part of Breaking Dawn is quite narrated in a rush. It can be added to eclipse and make the series a trilogy. But still Breaking Dawn has its own story to narrate. It’s quite different to the first three books which tell the story of two young extraordinary individuals passionately in love with each other against all odds. Breaking Dawn push the next chapter of Edward & Bella’s story to a more mature level.

Bella’s character in Breaking Dawn is a lot different from the first three books. Of course I want her to get stronger & more independent but it seems that it lacks the transition stage. It happens too fast without much development details, she suddenly became a queen and heroin from being a pawn.

There are lots of characters from the other books that I missed. Surely they all exist in Breaking Dawn but they became different. I missed Emmett’s fun character, his few but fun remarks that makes me laugh or smile. Alice and Jasper are quite different too. I understand why Alice needs to leave the Cullen’s but getting it from Bella’s point of view doesn’t give much justice. Speaking of point of view, I think the book can be narrated without Jacob’s point of view. It can be more attached if Bella still do the narration in book two. After all it is Bella-Edward’s love story so why not instead of Jacob make Edward do the narration – I think that’s more interesting.

The vampire sunlight-sparkle was gone. I totally missed Edward – he still exists but I miss him so much. He suddenly became different in this book. After Alice left, he simply takes Bella’s justification as if he doesn’t know Alice for more than half a century. Yes, he knows that Alice is doing the right thing but he should justify it more than just believe Bella’s idea. What happen to the most brilliant person? He also planned to abort his own child just to save Bella. What happened to the lovable martyr in him? It’s so out of character for him. The plot is quite expected, nothing amazing at all. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee is not brilliant. I already guessed it even before I actually read it but I honestly assume Meyer will give more than that.

I have to say that the first three books were better in terms of characterization. Twilight/Midnight Sun is the best among the series. It is not that massive but it does pull you if you are at least a bit romantic. It got some charms that make the readers ask for more.