Fairytale Dreams

It started like a fairytale,
from childish dreams and romantic hopes.
a girl who believed in tales
of princes and their castles,
of someone who would rescue her
from dragons, tall towers,
and other unspeakable nightmares.

But as the story unfolded,
it became clear that this fairytale
was not meant to be hers to live.
She watched from the sidelines
as others found their happily ever afters,
wondering when her turn would come.

She tried to force the narrative,
to fit her life into the mold of the tale,
but it always fell short, never quite right.
The more she tried to make it work,
the more she realized that this story
was like a fairytale, just not hers to tell.

And so she closed the book on that chapter,
letting go of the dreams and hopes
that no longer served her.
She began to write a new story,
one that was uniquely hers,
with its own twists and turns,
and a happy ending that was truly meant for her.


I had a hard time deciding if I’ll be writing a review for Inception or not. I don’t think I am good enough to write a review for a film like this but still I can’t help but give a space for this movie in my blog. The movie cannot be summarized by a line, paragraph, or even a review. It is something massive that can’t be analyze in one viewing alone. I’ve seen the movie only once and I’m still mazed.

The movie consists of several worlds layered on top of each other, and they all affect the physics of the next. It is a multi-layered journey into a constantly-changing dream worlds. It unlocked so many boxes that it is hard to label it with one genre. A piece of sci-fi, heist, action and psychological thriller. Sci-fi in a way it uses it’s imaginary and vast concept of dreams in creating a new world of ideas. Action movie because of fight scenes that whether real or imagined are given time, detail and disbelief. It is a thriller of the mind that won’t leave your head after viewing. It keeps you in constant suspense and constant shock. While the heist is in the creation of dream within dream within dream within dream (yes, multiple layers of dreams). It helps the hackers drill deep into their mark’s subconscious mind. The idea is that each nested dream happens more slowly than the one above it. You’re parsing four stories happening simultaneously, but at different timescales.

The director, Christopher Nolan make such a good job of creating worlds in this films. He mastered the arts of non-linear narrative, misdirection, and visually impressive scale then combines them all to create a masterpiece – Inception. He also crafted something unique and dynamic through the power of sheer story telling. His brilliant conception is outstanding. The story is fast pace full of exciting developments. Every location and every shot of the film is imaginative. The laws of gravity and physics are no longer apply. Cities folding up on itself, people can float, objects can move at any pace they want, time speed change. He created a world without rules. A world of dreams and imaginations floating at any given time.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dominic “Dom” Cobb, delivers another outstanding performance. He can really handle mature and psychologically complex roles. He knows how to play people so torn up that they can barely even function as humans. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is exceptionally great in the role of Arthur. He is the epitome of professionalism. His gravity scene is one of the nice thing in this film. He gives the film the extra niche by not giving into the CGI. It makes the whole look of it quite real that we’re willing to submerge into this concept or idea behind it.

The final shot is cracking, it makes you think more. The debates weather Cobb’s is dreaming or in reality? and whether if the top (totem) starts to wobble or continue spinning is unending. But honestly, I don’t care much about the top. I don’t even believe that it is Cobb’s totem in the first place. At some point I ask – What If Cobb’s reality is nothing more than another dream level?

Finally, Inception is a clever film. It is incredibly original and extremely sophisticated. A genius in every level. From the script, direction, execution up to the performance. I won’t detail anymore how impressive this film is in each level but I love the fact that it requires us to actually engage with the film and keep thinking. It constantly bring questions that are brain melting, confusing, and fantastic. It give space where we can suspend reality and somehow makes us realize that dreams are essentially realistic. Inception is one of the best movies of 2010.

Chasing Dreams

I won’t admit defeat
No matter how hopeless
I  will not give in
Even if it takes all my strength

I will do my best
No matter what it demand
I will chase the dream
Even if it means I die in my sleep

This is the way I know
And the way I prefer
This is much easier for me
Compare with pain of regret

I will choose my own battle
And fight for the win
I will live my own life
No matter what they all say

Little Bird

Little bird you should fly
You got your wings on your sides
Don’t you want to try,
To see the world up high?

Up above you will feel
The cool breeze of air
You will see the beauty
And view from heaven sight

I can describe the view
And explain how it feels
But you will never understand
Unless you experience it by yourself

So go on little bird
Spread your wings wide
Discover your strength
And experience life

You Told Me

You told me to shout freely
And hear my voices loud
To understand myself better
And clear my voices out

You told me to climb mountains
And see the world from top
To appreciate the beauty
And be thankful for what I got

You told me to run the miles
And let me catch my breath
To experience the speed
And understand my needs

You told me to be humble
And keep my feet on the grounds
Be among the needy
And see things the way they did

You told me I had wings
And showed me how to fly
You let me try the breeze
And spread my wings wide

You told me I can dream
And make all my dreams real
As long as I believe
Everything is real

You told me to live my life
Not as if each day were my last
But with meaning and purpose
For everyone to care

The Dreamer

She dreams of a star
The brightest star
That will guide her
Through the path of life

She dreams of the moon
A watchful beam of moon
With a smile that hugs her
Through the darkest night

She dreams of a sunlight
A sunlight who radiates like a glitter
With a tiny sparkle in the air
Through a bright day of life

She dreams of the rain
A rain that sings at the rooftop
In her lovely sleep
Through the presence of thee

She dreams of a flower
A flower who dances as the wind blows
Like little wings of dreams
Through harks & songs of breeze

She dreams of the ocean
An ocean of reality
Which flows gently
Through a life of forever

She dreams of LIFE….