The Unseen Battle

Everyone sees the strength I wear,
The wisdom in my eyes so fair,
But not the scars that line my heart,
The pain that tore my world apart.

They see the grace with which I stand,
And marvel at the art of my hand,
But never guess the tears I’ve shed,
The battles fought, and wars I’ve faced

Demons threatened to destroy my soul,
And leave me empty, broken, and cold.
Yet I have fought and won the fight,
Against the creatures of the night.

And now I wear my scars with pride,
For they are badges of my fight,
A symbol of the person I’ve become,
And all the battles I’ve overcome.

With a heart of gold, and spirit whole
I am now standing proud and tall
For every pain, has made me strong,
Every scar is a reminder of where I belong.

For every tear, for every ache,
For every wound that wouldn’t heal,
I’ve grown in grace, in strength, in faith,
And learned to love, to trust, to feel.

So now I stand, a warrior bold,
With scars that shine, stories untold,
A testament to life’s fierce hold,
A soul reborn, a heart of gold.