You are not my answered prayer
Like what they thought you are
Because my prayers are never been about asking
But more about gratefulness and thank yous

I never needed a savior to rescue me
Or someone to give me things I couldn’t achieve
My prayers were about finding inner peace
To see the beauty in life and to live with ease

But then you came along
And everything changed, I felt so strong
I never asked for love, but you gave it anyway
And now I pray that you’re here to stay

I rarely asked anything, never demand something
But for the first time, I’m asking high above
To let you stay in my life for as long as possible
Let me continue this new journey with you

A new path I intend to take, with you by my side
I pray that every step we take will be a joyful ride
And even when the road is bumpy and steep
I pray that our love will be strong enough to keep

So, you may not be the answer to my prayers
But I’m grateful for you, for the love we share
With each inhalation, I express gratitude,
As destiny’s divine hand brought me to you.

Thank You

Thank You

Another year older,
And maybe another year wiser,
Another year full of blessings
And lots of things to be thankful for
So allow me to take this space
And say my gratitude
To everyone and everything
That I am thankful for

Thank you
To my family who loves me unconditionally
For always believing in me and
For always supporting me in everything I do
Without them I am surely no one
My life will never be as lovely as it is
If without my family who are always there for me
Who loves, protects and guides me

Thank you
To all the friends I gain and I lost
You all give me something I carry with me
From friendships, experiences and memories
You are all part of my life and my personal stories
You all makes me grows, makes me stronger,
Makes me happier and makes me wiser
You all makes life easier to bear and my stories worth sharing

Thank you
To all of you who surrounds me everyday,
Both online and offline, near and far
To those who share every bit of your self & your stories
For making me part of your life
And accepting me to your world
You all make me grow, inspired and hopeful
You are all contributed to what I am today

Thank you
To all the books and written words I have read & going to be read
To all the wonderful authors who are brave & generous enough
To share their wisdom, talents and stories
I gain knowledge, understandings, and insights
I experience a lot of things I never dare to experience
I won’t exchange any stolen hours of reading and blogging
As they all make every extra seconds of my time worth spending

Thank you
To all the places I visited and will visit
For simply welcoming me and showing what you got
For allowing me to discover all the wonders you carry
For removing my stress & providing me sanctuary
You make my life much inspiring and rewarding
As I always look forward of discovering beauty
And hidden wonders full of surprises and charms

Thank you
To the kids & less fortunate I’ve met this year
For teaching me so much about humility and contentment
For making me appreciate everything I have
For reminding that I am blessed more than I deserve
That someone up above always loves me
You are all in my prayers and continue will be
I hope someday I share to all of you what you all shared to me

Thank you
To everyone and everything
I know I’ve missed a lot and can’t even specify you all
But know that I am very much thankful to all
If you are reading this poem right now
Know that I am very much thankful to you too
You all make me feel blessed and grateful
A million thanks to you all