Bloggers’ Forum & Book Signing with Becca Fitzpatrick

Last March 29, 2014, I spent my day with my book lovers friends as we attend National Bookstore’s bloggers forum with bestselling author, Becca Fitzpatrick. To those aren’t familiar with Becca, she is the author of “Hush, Hush” saga, a YA paranormal series comprised of four books, “Hush, Hush”, “Crescendo”, “Silence”, and “Finale’. It that tells the story of Nora Grey and Patch which evolved around the angel mythology. To know more about the series, you can check my reviews for the four books in this blog.

Now, back to the event, as every followers of this blog knows, bloggers forum is a private gathering of PH bloggers (mostly my friend from PBT) and few media people where we got the chance to chat and ask author(s) anything we want. Thanks to the NBS people for organizing an event like this and for inviting us. It’s really a great opportunity to have a few hours of chat with Becca Fitzpatrick, not only because she is a best selling author but mostly because she is very nice and friendly.

Becca Fitzpatrick in Manila

She answered all our questions with smile and enthusiasm even those silly questions we’ve thrown to her. She is very game and accommodating.

She discussed her books and work experience. When the first book of Hush Hush series get published she doesn’t have lots of fears about negative reviews or feedback because she didn’t think a lot of people will read her book.

For her writing Crescendo is the most challenging part of her career, mainly because of the pressure that Hush, Hush bring after it become a success to readers. Its like everything she wrote for Crescendo is not good enough for her. There’s even a point that she told her editor that Crescendo will be her last book, that she’s done being writer after that. Eventually she take all the downs as learning experience and make sure that she learned from it. She wouldn’t change any of it because it taught her perseverance and to believe in her self more.

Black Ice was inspired by a family trip she went to when she was in high school, in one of the mountains of Wyoming. Becca got sick and ended up watching a horror movie and she thought what if she wrote a story but with a girl who accompanies two people down a mountain and ends up falling in love with one of them.

Becca also give us some teasers for Sapphire Skies, another book from her which will be out to market in fall of 2015. According to her Sapphire Skies is her favorite book that she ever written so far. The story is about a girl named Stella who witness a brutal crime and ends up in a witness protection program.  Soon she find herself in Nebraska trying to start a life as someone else.

Someone asked about what book she is currently reading and some of recommendations from her, and according to Becca, she is reading Quiet a non-fiction book about introverts, then claiming that she is an introvert herself. She also reading Earthbound and some Nora Roberts books lately.

Bloggers Forum with Becca Fitzpatrick

We also received copies of Black Ice, Becca Fitzpatrick latest and upcoming psychological thriller novel. Everyone in the event is screaming with joy when the MC announced that we are all getting advance readers copy of the book. Thanks so much Becca for bringing us copies.

and here are my signed books…

Signed Becca Fitzpatrick Books

Thank you to National Book Store for inviting me to join the forum. Thanks you also to Becca Fitzpatrick for visiting us all the way here in Manila. It’s really a lovely and memorable experience meeting and talking to you in person. Hope you visit us again next time.