The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Film)

When I found out that I’m getting two tickets for the Philippine premier of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, I get excited to see the film. But since there were only two tickets, it is difficult to choose who will I bring with me to watch, knowing that a lot of friends wants to go. I almost decided to ditch it and just giveaway the tickets to two of my blog followers. But since I still have to personally claim the tickets an hour before the showing, it will be a hassle for me to organized the giveaway in a little amount of time. So I end up going to the event and invite the most Twilight fanatic friend I know, Chai. We went to Greenbelt, Makati last Wednesday night with the other movie goers who are all excited to see the movie a night before the regular showing. There are some raffles and giveaways too before the film showing but I can feel that the crowd is more interested for the movie to start than the giveaways.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 picks up directly where the first part of Breaking Dawn Part 1 left off. Bella wakes up with her ruby eyes as a newborn vampire and adjust pretty fast to her newly acquired strength. As a vampire her senses become much stronger. She sees everything in remarkable details, she hear even the slightest sounds, smell even the farthest blood and move awkwardly fast. Her strength is not to be challenged, if you have doubt just ask Emmett. As as newborn basically Bella is what everyone around her expects her to be, except for one thing. She is so comfortable in her new self to the point of being too controlled which isn’t normal for a newborn. Part of her new life is being a vampire wife to Edward and a mother to their fast growing newborn daughter, Reneesme. Reneesme is a half-human and half-vampire who poses an unknown threat to vampire existence which makes her the target of the most powerful clan of vampires, the Volturi. But the Cullen coven is determine to keep Reneesme alive, thus begins the final adventure of this final installment to Stephanie Meyer’s vampire mythology.

If you’ve seen the first four films of this series, you may agree with me that the adaptation didn’t start great. The first installment (Twilight) isn’t much a great movie compare to other movies that was released that year. But this final installment erased all the bad memories of the previous films. It definitely salvaged the whole franchise adaptation by leaving a satisfying and entertaining ending.

Everything that happens on the first part of the film were pretty much the same with the book. The difference comes mostly on the last part where all the actions scenes is happening. Personally I like the changes they made from book to the film. It give so much room for surprises that even the hardcore Twilight fans will get shock and caught off guard. I give applause to the director and screenwriter for delivering a simple storytelling trick with cunning skills. I honestly didn’t see that twist coming which makes the changes effective and satisfying.

My emotions were high and my mind was boggling during the intense fighting scenes. If the emotional moment holds more time I might even end up releasing all those feelings into tears. But with the fast-pacing scenes all I can do is absorbed what is happening while questioning most of it. For someone who read the book before seeing the film adaptation, I can’t help but compare what I’m seeing on screen and what I’ve read few years ago. And seeing the differences just keeps me busy that I haven’t realized ahead of time the possible ending.

As much as I want to give more details and explain why this movie is the best of all Twilight Saga films I don’t want to give any spoilers. Because this movie won’t be as effective as it is if you watch it with spoilers. And for those who haven’t seen the previous installments, I think it is better if you watch the first four films before this one. The story wont make sense if you start this saga with this final installment. And some scenes may not be as powerful as it is if you are not invested to the characters like most fans of this series.

The movie also wrap the whole series in a classy note by showing every actor of twilight saga films a little screen time during the credits. Even those who aren’t part of the this final installment were there. It leaves me memories and flashbacks of the other previous films of this phenomenal series of Stephanie Meyer.

Again kudos to the film makers for finishing this movie adaptation with a heart and dignity. And thank you for leaving us a memorable movie experience.

Twilight (Film)

twilightfilmAfter reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I was excited in seeing the movie adaptation of the first book on the big screen. I remember when Im reading twilight, the scenes keep running in my imagination as if Im seeing it visually. Until last Friday night when my sister Rica asked me to join her for a movie at Megamall. I don’t know if reading the book first is an advantage or disadvantage for me in watching this movie, but somehow it affect my judgment to the movie. I’m not a book purist, but I think that the movie adaptation of the twilight is a bit inferior to the book. They did capture most of the key points of the story, but it seemed like they missed every other fun detail of it.

The casting is not great as I expected, with the exception of a broad-planed, lovely face with the name of Edward Cullen. The movie has so much potential but somehow it lacks of something. The makeup is also horrible, it looks so fake. Edward has too much lipstick and the color of his face is different from his neck and arms. (Haven’t the makeup artists ever heard of blending?) Jacob Black has hair extensions that look like ropes, and his nose… (omg!!!) I don’t know if it’s really that hard to project those vampires’ looks as what the book describes but It should not be that exaggerated. There are some bad special effects too. Good thing about the movie is the onscreen chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. And the unexpected added funny scenes like when the Cullens learn to cook from a TV show. Some of the cinematography is good too.

For those who have read the books, you might be a bit disappointed as I was. So better don’t expect a lot in seeing the adaptation. And If you can, I do suggest you watch the film with no comparison in mind. It will work better (I guess!). For those who haven’t read the book maybe you’ll love it like my sister do. It maybe a little hard to follow if you don’t know anything about the florid saga, since most of the scene are fast facing. Though as expected movies are fast facing than books. After all they need to show the whole story in just 2 hours or so.