The Chains of Routine

work, work, and work, from dusk until dawn
a lifestyle that leaves us feeling down
pushing us harder, at a breakneck pace
as we strive to make it to the top of the race

the clients demand, our boss commands
we’re expendable pawns in their hands
we’re trapped in a cycle, no end in sight
our dreams and passions, always out of sight

we forget what it’s like to be really alive
as each day passes, we barely survive
our bodies tired, our minds numb and blank
we’re like machines mindlessly doing task at hand

the days blur together, a monotonous scene
our souls crushed, our spirit in between
the pressure builds, our hearts heavy with sorrow
as we strive for a better tomorrow

we are not machines, we are human beings
with emotions, desires, and meaningful dreams
we yearn for meaning, for purpose and light
to break free from this never-ending fight

it’s time to take control, and make a change
to prioritize our health, and break the chain
our lives are more than just work and stress
we deserve to be happy, and to live with success

so let’s break free from the unhealthy routine
and create a life that is fulfilling and serene
we can find a job that values who we are
and live a life that will take really far

it’s time to step back, to take a deep breath
to find our own path, and avoid an early death
our time is precious, our life is a gift
let’s make each moment count, and find our peace.

The Lonely Light

you’re there on the highest shelf,
all by yourself,
hanging in all your glory,
shining so brightly.

with friends around you,
or so it seems,
but seeing you from here,
i wonder what it means.

is this the life you wanted,
to be so high and bright?
or do you yearn for something more,
beyond your lonely sight?

you keep shining every day,
a beacon in the night,
guiding those who seek your light,
and shining ever so bright.

but sometimes, I can sense,
a hint of sadness in your glow,
as if you long for something more,
than just to put on a show.

i hope you find the courage
go where you will truly shine
for you are a brilliant light
you deserve so much more.

Embracing Differences

Spirited and free, that was me growing up,
Every one adored me, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends,
They all spoil me, dress me up, and give me dolls and toys.
Like my happiness was the only thing that mattered in the world.

But with all that attention came a prize,
Of being a brat sometimes, that I could not disguise.
As I grew older, I saw how different I am,
From the rest of my clan.

I’m not as generous, nor as talented or smart,
Which makes me wonder if I was adopted from the start.
But my face said a different sign, revoking all my thoughts,
And proving me wrong, not for the first time, I fought.

Still, I wondered why I am different,
Why I don’t have my mother’s selflessness and generosity,
My brother’s talent, my father’s strength, my sister’s kindness,
What traits did I inherit, that’s my blindness?

But as I look back, I realize,
That my unique traits are what make me come alive.
So, I embrace my differences, and let my spirit soar,
For I am who I am, and my family loves me for me.

The Virtual Daily Grind

The day begins with a constant buzzing sound
The alarm clock blares, signaling it’s time
I wake up to a virtual world all around
And the daily grind of work, now online.

I sit at my desk, in the comfort of home
With a laptop and a cup of coffee in hand
I log in to my work, feeling fully grown
Ready to tackle this new day of work.

With video calls and endless emails to send
I work tirelessly through the hours of the day
Pouring my all into every task, till the end
Never pausing to catch my breath, or take a break.

The clock ticks by, as I pour out my soul
Into progress reports, presentations and more
And as the day winds down, I feel the toll
Of the relentless pace, I can’t ignore.

But despite the chaos and the endless demands
I know that I am strong, and I am in control
For I am the master of my own plans
And I’ll see this through, from beginning to end.


smiling memories on the wall
locked in frames of different shapes and colors
not sure why you collect them all
like bottled thoughts for preservation

once, I tried to take them away
they don’t fit on our hallway
like old furniture that is so out of place
they stand out in a negative way

not long you noticed their absence
a long and loud conversion comes after
apparently it’s not as simple as taking the frames
but the happiness and pride you found in them

each frames has stories to tell
a life of their own you choose to treasure
special times and wonderful tales
not even gold can compare

Morning Scenes

it’s three in the morning
lights are still off
but candles are lit
she on her knees
with her weary face
and circle of beads on hand
talking to high above
praying for her little ones

the next morning
you will find her
in the same spot
back on her knees
quietly conversing
to the unseen listener
the only difference
is the light on her face

each morning is the same
a scene in repeat
a routine she intend to keep
without end, without fail
just like her mother
and her mother’s mother
because like them
she believe