You are not my answered prayer
Like what they thought you are
Because my prayers are never been about asking
But more about gratefulness and thank yous

I never needed a savior to rescue me
Or someone to give me things I couldn’t achieve
My prayers were about finding inner peace
To see the beauty in life and to live with ease

But then you came along
And everything changed, I felt so strong
I never asked for love, but you gave it anyway
And now I pray that you’re here to stay

I rarely asked anything, never demand something
But for the first time, I’m asking high above
To let you stay in my life for as long as possible
Let me continue this new journey with you

A new path I intend to take, with you by my side
I pray that every step we take will be a joyful ride
And even when the road is bumpy and steep
I pray that our love will be strong enough to keep

So, you may not be the answer to my prayers
But I’m grateful for you, for the love we share
With each inhalation, I express gratitude,
As destiny’s divine hand brought me to you.

Fairytale Dreams

It started like a fairytale,
from childish dreams and romantic hopes.
a girl who believed in tales
of princes and their castles,
of someone who would rescue her
from dragons, tall towers,
and other unspeakable nightmares.

But as the story unfolded,
it became clear that this fairytale
was not meant to be hers to live.
She watched from the sidelines
as others found their happily ever afters,
wondering when her turn would come.

She tried to force the narrative,
to fit her life into the mold of the tale,
but it always fell short, never quite right.
The more she tried to make it work,
the more she realized that this story
was like a fairytale, just not hers to tell.

And so she closed the book on that chapter,
letting go of the dreams and hopes
that no longer served her.
She began to write a new story,
one that was uniquely hers,
with its own twists and turns,
and a happy ending that was truly meant for her.

Transformed Through Fire

No longer will I light the flame,
To keep others warm and free from pain,
Burning myself, keeping others warm
Only bring me tears and more harm.

I’ve given all I had to give,
Pouring out my heart to live,
A life of love, for others’ sake,
But now, for me, it’s time to take.

I’m done with sacrificing my peace,
Putting others’ needs above my own, with ease,
I’ve given too much, leaving me empty
Time to take back my life, and be free

Start to focus on my own well-being,
And let my soul and heart find healing,
For when I’m strong and full of love,
I’ll be able to spread it like a dove.

So I’ll keep the flame of self-love ablaze,
And watch it flourish, in each and every phase,
For when I’m whole, I’ll shine so bright,
Inspiring others to find their own light.

Love Story


Too late to pretend
Too late to ignore
Your blind eyes doesn’t work
‘Coz everyone already knows

I’m giving you time
I’m giving you space
But those doesn’t mean
That I’m giving you up

No matter how hard you push or
How many times you sent me away
I will keep coming back
Like the ocean waves

I’m your shadow
Forever will be
I’m stick to you, tied
And stuck like a glue

So stop fighting, stop pretending
We all know you’re hurting too
Just give this a chance
A love story of me and you

* this poem is inspired by the novel, Before He Was Famous by Becky Wicks