Heroic Reality

It’s easy to be captivated
by the tales we’re told
of heroes and their bravery
and how they are so bold.

In our minds, they seem invincible
a symbol of hope, a shining example
but when we meet them in the flesh
we realize they too are human, no less.

Flawed and imperfect, just like the rest
yet, it’s their perseverance that truly impress
for they faced their fears and overcame
and for that, we admire them with acclamation.

We imagine what it would be like
to meet them in person one day
to see if they’re as impressive
as the stories that have come our way.

But sometimes the image shatters
when we finally come face to face
and we realize with disappointment
they’re just human, in the same place.

Perhaps we’ve set our expectations
too high, without reason or rhyme
forgetting that heroes, too, are flawed
and that’s perfectly fine, every time.

So let’s cherish the inspiration they bring
the lessons they teach and the good they do
but let’s not forget they’re human too
just like me and just like you.