Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer


“My life was unending, unchanging midnight. It must be, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun is rising now, in the middle of my midnight?”
– Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is the expected companion novel of the book Twilight. Stephanie Meyer wrote the first chapter of Twilight from Edward’s perspective as an exercise in character development. From this exercise sprang the idea of Midnight Sun – Twilight narrated from Edward Cullen’s point of view. Meyer initially made that original exercise available on her website and later started drafting the whole book. Unfortunately, one of the drafts was leaked on the internet, apparently ruining the project for her. She then reluctantly released a draft of it online for the fans.

I found this book more interesting than the other two books of the series that I have read (Twilight & New Moon). And maybe, even more good than Eclipse & Breaking Dawn which I plan to read soon. This book is not yet finished but I still like it, and I really love to see the other part of it after the book is finally published and released to market.

Midnight Sun is more revealing than Twilight since Edward’s character can see more than what Bella’s character can. He can read minds, which means he knows more than what Bella know. So he can narrate more than just how the first book is narrated. The story opens the mysteries behind Edward Cullen’s and his vampire family. What they are thinking, how they feel and other sort of revelation on their characters. Secrets and explanations from Twilight are revealed in this book.

Midnight Sun is good. While reading the draft I’ve felt the characters are alive. I can see the passion of the writer behind it. The depth and complexity of the story was there. I hope the author can still continue the remaining part of the story with the same depth and passion after the leakage happens.

…I feel that Bella should read Midnight Sun. Bella has missed so much about Edward she has a right to know all of it.