Forgotten City

The empty streets stretch before me
Like a blank canvas awaiting its painter
And I, the lone wanderer, fill the void
With each step I take in silent contemplation

Buildings and architecture once full of life
Now shadows of their former selves
Windows shattered, doors banged up
A haunting testament to the past

The wind whispers secrets in my ear
Tales of those who used to roam these streets
Of laughter, love, and long-forgotten dreams
Now lost to the ravages of time

Yet amidst the desolation, I find solace
In the beauty of the stars above
Shining bright against the blackened sky
A reminder that even in darkness, there is light

And so I continue my walk
Through this forgotten fairy tale
Where the only sounds are my footsteps
Echoing into the night

As I reach the end of my journey,
I turn back and take one last look.
I may leave this forgotten city behind,
But its memories will forever be mine.