You are not my answered prayer
Like what they thought you are
Because my prayers are never been about asking
But more about gratefulness and thank yous

I never needed a savior to rescue me
Or someone to give me things I couldn’t achieve
My prayers were about finding inner peace
To see the beauty in life and to live with ease

But then you came along
And everything changed, I felt so strong
I never asked for love, but you gave it anyway
And now I pray that you’re here to stay

I rarely asked anything, never demand something
But for the first time, I’m asking high above
To let you stay in my life for as long as possible
Let me continue this new journey with you

A new path I intend to take, with you by my side
I pray that every step we take will be a joyful ride
And even when the road is bumpy and steep
I pray that our love will be strong enough to keep

So, you may not be the answer to my prayers
But I’m grateful for you, for the love we share
With each inhalation, I express gratitude,
As destiny’s divine hand brought me to you.

Morning Scenes

it’s three in the morning
lights are still off
but candles are lit
she on her knees
with her weary face
and circle of beads on hand
talking to high above
praying for her little ones

the next morning
you will find her
in the same spot
back on her knees
quietly conversing
to the unseen listener
the only difference
is the light on her face

each morning is the same
a scene in repeat
a routine she intend to keep
without end, without fail
just like her mother
and her mother’s mother
because like them
she believe