Heroic Reality

It’s easy to be captivated
by the tales we’re told
of heroes and their bravery
and how they are so bold.

In our minds, they seem invincible
a symbol of hope, a shining example
but when we meet them in the flesh
we realize they too are human, no less.

Flawed and imperfect, just like the rest
yet, it’s their perseverance that truly impress
for they faced their fears and overcame
and for that, we admire them with acclamation.

We imagine what it would be like
to meet them in person one day
to see if they’re as impressive
as the stories that have come our way.

But sometimes the image shatters
when we finally come face to face
and we realize with disappointment
they’re just human, in the same place.

Perhaps we’ve set our expectations
too high, without reason or rhyme
forgetting that heroes, too, are flawed
and that’s perfectly fine, every time.

So let’s cherish the inspiration they bring
the lessons they teach and the good they do
but let’s not forget they’re human too
just like me and just like you.

Play the Fool

As we grow older, we often lose that spark,
And forget the magic that’s hidden in the dark.
We focus on the serious, and let go of the fun,
And in the process, our inner child is undone.

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously,
Striving for success, always busy and delirious.
But life is too short to never let loose,
So let’s play the fool and harness our inner child’s juice.

In the chaos of the world, it’s easy to lose sight,
Of the simple pleasures that bring us delight.
But with the eyes of a child, the world becomes new,
And all of life’s possibilities shine through.

Playing the fool doesn’t mean you’re less of an adult,
It’s a way to release stress, to recharge and exult.
So let go of your worries, your fears, and your pride,
And harness your inner child’s spirit, with arms open wide.

Embrace the silliness, the whimsy, and all the fun,
Let yourself go, feel the warmth of the sun.
The world is your playground, the stage for your show,
So dance like no one’s watching, let your creativity flow.

Explore your inner child, the one who’s pure and free,
Who’s not afraid to fail, and try new things with glee.
For in her heart, there’s a world of wonders and delight,
That’s just waiting to be discovered and brought to light.

Let the child inside you take the reins,
And show you the joys of life that remain.
Feel the wind in your hair, the grass beneath your feet,
And let your soul dance to its own beat.

Play the fool, let your imagination glide
Into a world of wonder, with nothing to hide.
Embrace your inner child, let her guide the way,
As you discover the joy of living each day.

At the Very Least Care

Should I end this now?
Should I put an end in everything?
Not just the pains and the hatred
But even the good and the bright sides?

Ever wonder how many people out there
Thinking of those thoughts at the very moment?
Or how many have been there?
Did they survive or not?

No one knows how each of us struggles
Because no one really cares deeply
Nobody cares enough to pause and think
What matter is more than being right

We are so good at expressing our opinions
That we forgot to be careful with our words
We forgot that those words are like swords
A very sharp weapon enough to kill somone

With enough tools to spread lies
Or hurt someone with ugly words
No wonder why suicidal cases increases
We are not sensitive enough to care

We forgot that we are spreading hurt
Instead of lifting someone and offer help
We are so happy pointing their imperfection
Just to show we are correct and they are not

Sometimes we think of ourselves so highly
That we forgot that instead of spreading love
We are creating a dark place for someone
A place where someone feels hopelessness

Maybe it’s just a small matter to us
But what if it’s a world for them?
We are grabbing them of their world
May it be knowingly or unknowingly

Instead of creating a beautiful world
And extending a lending hand
We shove them to a darker place
Where they find only one way to escape

Then we blame them for being weak
For not strong enough to survive
We blame them for wanting peace
For taking the easy way out

But is it really easy for them?
Or is it easier for us pointing blame?
Did we try to at least understand them?
Or at the very least care?

To make them realized that it is not yet the end.

Quick Catch Up

Happy Friday Everyone!

I just want to write a quick post today as I try to catch up with my blogging and reading. I know I’ve been MIA for more than a month already and truth to be told, I miss blogging and reading so much. But honestly I don’t feel I have something creative or new to share to everyone lately. Plus the fact that I have crazy schedule outside the blogging world just doesn’t give me much room to even go on-line. If you are following me in my other social media accounts, I’m sure you probably notice my silence in the past few weeks. But here I am, trying a baby step to go back on-line by stealing a few minutes out of my busy schedule. Also, I’m hoping that after this I get my writing and reading mojo back soon.

On the side note, I received an early Christmas gifts yesterday from Scholastic Philippines. Thanks so much Ms. Joyce 🙂


Will try my best to be back again here hopefully before Christmas. I miss talking to everyone here and on twitter and instagram.  Thank you for sticking around.

Ink Unleashed

ink unleashed

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you all noticed, Friday is usually when I post some of my poetry here on the blog. Though I haven’t written much poems lately, I still managed to throw few lines every now and then. Since they are too short to published in here, I decided to create an instagram account where I can host those short poems or haikus. The intagram account is “inkunleashed”, hence the title of this post.

You may check some of my four liners attempt of poetry, and maybe some haikus soon. Longer poems will still be published in here, since Instagram’s sqaure box is too limited for long writings. I hope you guys check Ink Unleashed on Instagram for more of my writings and random thoughts.

Thanks so much!

2016 Reading & Blogging Goals

I’m back and hopefully more appearance than the past few months! Sorry for being MIA, there are just so many things that happened before 2015 ends like the wedding of one of my best friend which makes me super busy being a Maid of Honor, then there’s also the holidays and other life’s obligations. But now that I’m back I’m very much excited to share to all of you my 2016 reading and blogging plans.

Unlike last year where my reading and blogging plans was more “go with the flow” this year I’m actually lay-outing a more detailed plans with the push of my closest reading buddy Precious of Fragments of Life. Together we are organizing a blog event called “Celebrating Debutantes 2016”, wherein we are featuring debut authors of 2016 and their works. Since I love meeting new authors and discovering great talents I am actually excited to host this event with Precious.

Precious and I also targeting literary titles as part of our monthly reads this 2016. With a goal to try different genre than our usual YA fantasy or contemporary read we are trying a more mature/serious tone of reads. We already picked our target tiles for each month so watch out for our reviews.

As for my goodreads reading challenge this year, I’m back to 100 books to read. Last year I tried to cut it down to 50 books expecting for a more lay low reading in 2015, then eventually changed it to 100 since I am reading more than I targeted. I’m happy to report that I did finished the 100 books goals for 2015. Let’s see how I will perform for this year.

That’s all for now, will have to layout other plans too beside reading and blogging for 2016.

I hope everyone’s 2016 is getting off to a great start! Happy New Year to all!!!