Through the Lens

In the realm of cameras,
the lens is the window to the world,
framing and capturing the scene,
focusing our attention.

But sometimes the lens can deceive,
cropping out what we cannot see,
showing only what it wants us to perceive,
blurring reality, leaving us naïve.

It’s a metaphor for life, you see,
our lenses shaped by experience and belief,
our conscious and subconscious themes,
controlling what we perceive.

We see what we want to see,
what our lens allows us to perceive,
missing out on the rest of the scene,
trapped in a myopic, self-imposed scheme.

So, let’s be mindful of our lenses,
expand our focus, adjust our frames,
so we can see more of life’s beauty,
and not just what our lens proclaims.


waiting for the coffee to brew,
waiting for the traffic to subdue,
waiting for the clock to strike five,
waiting for the weekend to arrive.

waiting for the phone to ring,
waiting for the doorbell to sing,
waiting for someone to arrived,
waiting for news that makes us thrive.

it feels like life is just composed of waiting,
a series of moments, and anticipating,
the next thing to happen or occur,
without realizing, time has become a blur.

but amidst all this waiting,
we often forget to appreciate,
the moments that make up our day,
the simple joys that come our way.

the sunrise, the flowers, the breeze,
the laughter, the love, the ease,
perhaps it’s time to stop waiting,
and start living, and appreciating.

Quiet the Noise

The world can be an unreliable critic,
With comments that cut deep and leave you sick.
From people who don’t know or care for you,
As if they are perfect, with a flawless view.

Their words can wound, leaving scars on your heart,
And tear your confidence and joy apart.
But don’t let them get inside your head,
For their opinions don’t define who you are.

Don’t let their criticism bring you down,
Or make you feel like you are about to drown.
Don’t let their negativity dim your light,
You are strong, you are a beautiful sight.

The world can be harsh, but you can rise above,
And show to everyone who you really are.
Remember that their words don’t define who you are,
You are more than enough, their words are just trash.

You are more than the labels they try to stick,
More than the criticisms that make you feel sick.
You are a masterpiece, a work of art,
A masterpiece created from your heart.

For the world is full of noise and chatter,
But only you know what truly matters.
So hold your head high, and stand your ground,
For in your own skin, true beauty is found.

Let go of the noise that clouds your mind,
And don’t let their words make you blind.
Remember that their words are not a reflection,
Of who you are or what you can be.

Take their criticism with a grained of imperfection,
And be the best version of yourself you can see.
Let your inner voice be your ultimate guide,
You know who you are, let your own light shine.

A Million Deaths

I’ve died a million times in my mind’s eye
In a detailed plan that repeats like a lullaby
Every road I take leads to the same bleak end
Yet no one else notices as I pretend

I take my last breath, alone and unguided
In a silence so deafening it leaves me divided
It’s almost peaceful, like a calm before the storm
But the truth is, it’s a restless, lonely form

I’ve replayed this scene a million times or more
Each detail perfected, each gesture a chore
It’s the best of the worst, or so it seems
But nothing is guaranteed, nothing is as it seems

So I draw my last breath, in this self-made purgatory
Wishing for someone to hold me, to make it a reality
But it’s just a fantasy, a dream that I can’t touch
Leaving me trapped, in this mind’s cage, feeling so much.

The Seed

like the tree from the burned forest
I learned to grow from ashes and dust
find my way up to see the sun
with little help from my surroundings
I’ve been trampled, and crashed
to the deepest dirt of the earth
but like a weed from the mountain
I carried on, keep my root on the ground
then eventually find my way back
to the top and to the light
some want to keep me below the ground
crashing me with everything they got
but they forgot to take the seed in me
buried inside, keeping me alive
a seed that grows in any surroundings,
survive in all kinds of weather
a tiny seed that carries not just my foundation
but also my hopes and my dreams
from that small form will sprout a new version
wiser and stronger than before
watch me grow!